white butterfly

Oct 8, 2010
San Francisco Bay Area
Just before the Chilean mine caved in, two of the 33 miners were riding together in the mine. Suddenly there was a white butterfly ahead of them, and they stopped to look at the white butterfly. Then the mine caved in just ahead of them. They said if they did not stop to look at the white butterfly, the mine would have caved in on the two of them. The rescue was completed on October 13, 2010, after a Pennsylvania company drilled into 2,000 feet of rock towards where the 33 miners lived for 10 weeks. All 33 were rescued. Glory and praise to God, the Lord Jesus. I'll never forget that Pennsylvania company's persistent effort to get the Chilean authorities to listen to them. I'll never forget that white butterfly. (Lord Jesus, send us a "white butterfly" or whatever you chose to send us to delay us when we need the delay. Protect us, Lord, and guide us always. In your name, Jesus. Because of You, we live.)
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Oct 2, 2007
Lakeville, Minnesnowta
Come out to rural Minnesota on any sunny summer day, you'll see plenty. My dad, brother, and I used to collect butterflies and moths when I was a youth. I also raised (that is, fed the caterpillars until they metamorphosed) monarchs, White-Marked Tussock Moths, Mourning Cloaks, and Polyphemus Moths. Of course, the white cabbage butterflies were so common that there was no point in raising them.

Of course, these are critters common to the U. S. Chile may well have other white butterflies.
Nov 19, 2009
There's a buttefily bush in my front yard and sometimes I see a butterfly around. They grow my themselves don't need watering or any work attention. Only in the fall when the blooms dies I go out and break the stems off and then when things com eout in the spring it grreens up and later the stocks grow and bloom