I used to listen to them as a kid.

Even met the lead singer and he signed my In the Kingdom album :D
Old Songs?

Sorry, but these didn't sound "old" to me! I must be really old to you, 59. Course, when I was younger, I didn't listen to Christian rock. My favorite group was Chicago or Credence Clearwater. No offense intended.
Theres nothing to take offence to.

I don't know the american style of rock, But that style of rock for britain was around the 60s era.

Are they still going on?

I remember on a trip with a college group to Hutchinson KS seeing them at a local college there. (Met a lot of Mennonites there.)

Anyway since I was asked to go since we were promoting concerts at the church we were going to, I was just hanging out at a cafeteria area there and lone behold Scott Wenzel (the lead singer) just came down to get something to eat and we hung out for a couple of hours. (He had a cold and wasn't feeling well, a number of us prayed for him and off and singing he went like nothing was wrong.)