Who Are You Listening To?

Who are you listening to?- DISCUSSION GUIDE

Think About it: V 8 presumes something is true—what is it? Why do you think young people are sometimes inclined to disregard their parents teaching, if just for a time? Why are we often susceptible to peer pressure? Explain the imagery of vv. 17-18. Can you think of people who shipwrecked their lives in the thirst for “unjust gain”?

Prayerpoint: If you had parents who sought to teach you well, thank the Lord for them. If you did not, acknowledge that to God and thank him for being your heavenly father and teaching you through his word. Ask God to help you identify and flee from peer pressure that seeks to lead you astray (that isn’t just true for kids; we adults face peer pressures as well, sometimes of a different kind).