Why Can't Visitors View Our Sigs?

I stay on the Net and CFS permanently, and so had not seen that this current (and still very poor forum program) does not allow visitors (or a member not logged in) to view Sigs!

Are our Sigs maybe somehow 'dangerous' to non-members, or too 'private' for them to see? ONCE AGAIN our previous forum program did not do this!

Maybe it's possible for Sigs to be turned on for all - just as larger Christian forums have sigs showing all the time, for everyone.


- BM


Staff member
Hi BM, How are you? :)

Please check this link out: http://www.vbulletin-faq.com/forum/showthread.php?1913-Disable-viewing-signatures-for-visitors

Small things such as turning off sigs for visitors (which includes search engine bots, visitors and members not logged in etc), can improve site speed and give us better search engine listings. From a webmasters point of view, signatures are repetitive texts/images and when you have many visitors online consequently, they will increase the load on the server. Most cases, they wont have contents relevent to the topic being discussed.

If everyone here still thinks its worth turning them on, then I have no issue. It can be turned on. :)

Just a note. We have a forum software which is new to the market. It's a much slimmer package and modern package (codewise) compared to the one we had before. I have already sold my old license so there's no way I can go back. Any suggestion to improve this software would be good. ;)
Hello, Jeff, we're both slowly becoming more and more ill. I'm now partially blind (cataracts that are inoperable) looking at white writing on a black screen. Sadly most extra things are blue on black, which I can't see, so the Net is a rather difficult place for me now - but I've not given up!

VIEWING SIGS. I read the URL you gave and a number of others. Few seem to believe that everyone viewing Sigs affects search engine listings. The load on the server, of course, is another matter. Especially graphics/pics. But I wouldn't thought many on CFS have a heavily loaded Sig and Pics - nothing like I've seen on other Christian forums, that's for sure!

I raised this, for as you can see, my Sig. is the only way to direct people to the 5 sections of The Inner Room that I've written. Many come via Google, searching for some 'data.' I want to be able to at least tell them of the other 364 Messages/Mini-sermons I've written (all direct from the New Testament (no denominational bias), where nominal Christians can get truly saved via what I've written!

As of today, an average of 103.9 people visit The Inner Room each day (727 per week) - figs. starting 1-1-08, the day I started writing. I just felt that if non-members could see my Sig 'advertising' it may well improve those figures! (I was blissfully unaware that they don't).

THE FORUM PROGRAM. I'm not here to push for 'my wants' - that's unChristian. Despite the health deterioration, for quite awhile I've considered putting The Inner Room onto a large Christian forum for more exposure and the old forum program again! It wasn't perfect, for example, no way to save a longer more complex post. The current program could have had that, but they didn't bother, and their implementation of BBC, as I've observed before, is pathetic. I've had longer posts, dared to do some enhancements, and every paragraph ended up with 10 lines of unnecessary, irrelevant and oft-repeated code between them!

Overall BBC programming seems pretty hopeless, e.g., if, in the middle of doing a post like above, and I try to use keys to go back, say, 6 spaces - their forum program can't even keep up!! So you likely go too far waiting for them, and get yourself messed up and considerably frustrated... So with great respect to you, my brother, it may be newer, and slimmer, but it sure ain't better. When I think of all the great things they could have done, starting from scratch, and still haven't - rather tragic really.

Because of losing posts unless I keep copying as I write, and the BBC messes, and now not daring to use enhancements, I'm just not writing here any more. Which I find very sad, because CFS is still clearly my forum of choice!!

But please don't worry about sigs. for non-members to see (unless members say otherwise, of course).

Many blessings, Jeff, in all that you do, and much love to all!!