Why Did This Happen To ME..?

Why Did This Happen To ME..?

Alot of you have seen the couple of threads I posted about my personal experiences of Satanism and of miracles by God. If u havent, basically I did witchcraft for awhile and experienced really bad things (even being convinced I was the antichrist when I was decieved). And if u didnt read my other thread, I had an apparation of Jesus. I still dont understand why this happened to ME though. One thought I have on this is God might have showed me these miracles because I know, without a doubt, for a fact, he is real because of the things that happened to me when I was into all that Satanism. But Im not sure, I mean..Im kind of confused and you dont hear abotut this happening to jsut everyone. Im not saying Im specially, Im not implying that at all. But please drop your opinions on this.

Thanks and Praise God :dance:
God does to our minds and hearts and bodies whatever it takes to bring us to him! You were so far away from him and though you doubted, you must have sought The real Truth within you somewhere!

Not to be simplistic, but I really think that "why" is not as important as "what". In this case the "what" being your salvation which, in the whole scheme of things, is the most important thing anyway! If I were to answer "why", however, I would say because He loves you that much! It's never an accident when someone come to the Lord. We all have that tugging at our heart strings but some of us choose to ignore it until it's too late. You didn't! And speaking of not being special, actually you are! You are the most special and the most important person in the world to Him! What we, as human beings can't understand is that we are all the most special and the most important to Him! He is no respecter of persons in the sense that He does not love any one person more than the other, but He treasures us all the same! It's hard to understand, I know, but instead of trying to understand it, just accept it. I really believe that people like you can be the best examples and maybe the most convincing witnesses for the Lord. Think of Paul! He wasn't labeled as a satanist, but isn't that what he was? Wasn't he persecuting Christians, finding them out and giving them over to be imprisoned and tortured? He was serving satan through his behavior. And then Damascus happened and Paul was never the same again! This is also your story and you have the same opportunity to minister to people because you have a very strong grasp of where He took you from and your gratefulness is very strong!

It's been common that the greater our fall, the greater our rise. Just as the higher we are lifted, the farther we have to fall.

Why you and not me? I can't answer that, but you can. You can answer it a little daily, by showing God's love through your life. It's amazing what God is willing to do, if only to lead people to Him. From what you learned the hard way, you now have a perspective of Christianity that a lot of people do not have.

But, I'm glad you saw what you needed to see to come to Him. In my case, it was much different. I had to fight my way out of the life I was in, and it nearly cost me my life many times over. I still don't understand how I survived, only that I am alive, and THAT is absolutely miraculous. I had no visions, but I saw how hard Satan fought for me, simply because I began to doubt him, and started questioning whether this whole "God thing" was right all along.
I too dabbled in things like that prior to becoming a Christian. I was interested in Feng Shui, astromony, numerology etc. and although not "serious" witchcraft, I read lots of books about spell-casting and the like.
Looking back, I see that I was searching for spirituality, in all the wrong places.
When I finally found God, I threw out all my books and paraphinalia connected with the occult, I went round the house filling up a box and dumped it all in the trash.
After that, I suffered from terrible nightmares for a time and it wasn't until I confided in a Christian friend, and she and another lady prayed over me, that I was released from the bad dreams. They advised me to "call on the name of Jesus" when the night terrors came and I did. One night, I woke up terrified and called out to Jesus to help me, I felt a cool breeze blowing across my face and a wonderful sense of peace. The dreams stopped there!
When I was away from the Lord, I was into drugs, alcohol and satanism. I've came back to the Lord, after surviving alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. But, I still don't see a purpose in my life. It makes me wonder if I came back out of fear and if it wasn't the Lord that called me to Him. But I have to try.

I'm not a model Christian, and I'm not the brightest light for Christ, but I have a good heart...

I feel you, brother. May God bless your life multiple times.
Not everyone comes to Christ through "normal experiences", if there are such things. There's nothing wrong with coming to Christ out of fear or joy just so long as you come to Him.
I used to wonder why I was blessed with having spina bifida. Then I realized it's because I can reach out in ways others cannot because of my experiences. I can literally say, "I'm right there with you."

God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called. He lets us go through our experiences, and then uses what Satan intends for evil for His glory.