Why does God allow evil?

Feb 17, 2008
Why does God allow evil?

Many people lose faith in God when they see evil and natural disasters in the World. They feel that, if God is really present or really loves us, He will not allow evil. This feeling becomes even stronger, when they see children and innocent people suffer. However, it is not God, but our sins, that produce evils in the world. Sin results from selfishness and selfishness causes hurt to others. Even natural disasters, which some people erroneously refer to as “acts of God”, are result of our sins. Since we have dominion over the World (Genesis 1: 27-28), our acts of selfishness affect the balance in nature. So that when we sin by going against nature, the balance in nature is disturbed to produce natural disasters and diseases. Similarly, our evil acts directly affect others and cause them hurt. The hurt that evil produces affects everyone; including those who live holy lives. God allows evil, because, He has given us free will. He has given us free will so that we can exercise unconditional love. If we did not have free will, we will never be able to love others unconditionally, because, to love is a choice, and every choice needs a free will. God wants us to love (John 13:34), because, he wants us to have His peace and joy (John 15:11) for all eternity. Furthermore, compared to the peace and joy that God gives us in the eternal life our hurts in the present life are nothing.

God heals the broken hearted
We all have to go through pain and suffering, because we live in a world that has sin. God, however, brings us peace and joy by comforting us (Psalm 23, Is 57:18-21; Ps 94:19). He comforts us by being one with us in our pain and suffering. He did this by becoming one of us and freely accepting the worst form of pain and suffering. He gives us hope by overcoming pain, suffering and death through his resurrection. He gives redemptive value to pain and suffering by freeing us from sin by his own pain and suffering. He freed us from sin by completely emptying self on the cross on our behalf (Peter 2:24, 25). This helps us to accept pain and suffering in a quiet and humble manner. Our humility then opens our heart to accept God’s graces. This helps us to use our pain and suffering to overcome sin, build endurance, and become compassionate and forgiving people. God thus helps us by changing us from within. This enables us to find peace and joy by living His life.