Why Have The People Failed?

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Why Have The People Failed?

Why Have The People Failed? - public domain​
by E.W. Kenyon​
Modern preaching has produced the modern spiritual failure that we see in the church. Failures
[FONT=TimesNewRoman,Bold]not [/FONT]ready made; they are the product of the teaching that we have had, or the absence of the
right teaching.
I am convinced that most people will come to the level of the Father's purpose if they know
The spiritual failure I am talking about is the one who is born of God, but who has never
developed, who has remained in an infant state through many years, because of malnutrition.
They feed upon the theories of men rather than upon the Word of God.
They have lived in the realm of sense knowledge, rather than in the realm of the Word of God
They are ever praying for faith, not realizing that all things belong to them: "that He has
blessed them with every Spiritual blessing in the Heavenlies in Christ;" and that at the very
beginning God marked us out for the position of Sons and Daughters through Jesus Christ unto
Himself. Ephesians 1:3-4.
You see, the purpose of the Father was healthy, vigorous children.
Can you conceive of an intelligent earthly parent that wishes to give birth to children that will
be sickly, half-witted, deformed creatures? Why, the thing doesn't sound reasonable.
And do you think the Heavenly Father takes pleasure in having us sick, mentally, physically,
and spiritually?
Do you think Jesus likes to contemplate the number of Christians that are in hospitals,
undergoing hideous operations and going through the torture of the damned?