Why Then The Law?

To me, the most significant misunderstanding in contemporary Christendom concerning the Law is that it was never intended for Gentiles, this was to show the world God chooses people to be separate (Hebrews/Jews first) to Him, which He shows now in Christianity; from being separated from the majority of those in this life—all the way to being separate from the indwelling of our “old man.”

Until this is understood I do not think there can be a sufficient comprehension concerning the Law, for it was only to teach man how God was bringing him to union and fellowship through the Lord Jesus (Galatians 3:24,24). If the Law had never ceased, it would leave man in the same place where Israel was and now is--in union with God, but not in fellowship, esp. being without Christ at this time (Heb 10:9). This relates only to the generality of Israel and not all, for God always had those who remained in fellowship with Him (Rom 11:4, 5; Abraham is best example), because they always believed Him.

Christianity is a call, to the Jew first, to go from just being in union with God, to being in fellowship with Him, which now requires unity with His Son through regeneration (John 3:3). The generality of Israel then and now are in union with God--but not fellowship--same as a Christian now, who has not gone much beyond rebirth, to a desire to "draw nigh to God" (Jam 4:8).