Why?: Trusting God When You Don't Understand

By Anne Graham Lotz

I think if I pay attention to the little signs God sends to get my attention, that I'll learn when he's speaking to me in circumstances that occur in my life.
At times, when I relax my mind and loose my attentions to this world and relax my thoughts, I can see in one circumstance happening now that little thread that links back to when it happened in a different way back then. Then being months, days, or even years ago.
It's like that old saying about life being God's Sunday school. Repeating the sermons we're to understand over and over again in different ways until the parable becomes a clear message uniquely designed for us.

Today, after borrowing this book from the library, I took it with me to the mat. It was laundry day. I loaded the washers and then went to my car to sit in the warm quiet of my car and read. I ended up turning on the radio to the "Spa" music channel and proceeded to get lost in this little book.

I turned off the key so as not to use the battery further. Loaded my laundry into the dryers. Came outside and resumed the same thing again in the car. Reading and listening to music.
Finished the laundry, bagged it all up, walked out to the car to head home and my battery was dead.


I think that was God's way of telling me that this book was right on time. And it wasn't that the key was left on or the near new battery drained. But the situation simply occurred that would make the first thing in my mind being it was a near new battery, that of asking the question. Why is the car not starting?

All I wanted to do was go home. What a day. My cat normally sleeps at the foot of my bed. This morning I awoke and he was passed on. :( My little compact cat. He was so petite and cute. And old. And I loved him dearly.

And from that moment on, I couldn't understand why he passed and why I couldn't have seen the signs. I thought he was sluggish because he was catching a cold due to the weather changes.

Then other things occurred through the day that had me looking to see, why would this be happening when it isn't my fault?

I hadn't cracked Mrs.Lotz book yet. I'd only recently borrowed it from the library. But at the laundry mat I did read it. And that's when all that happened today made sense.

This book is timely in my life. I hope it is in yours as well. Maybe that's why today I decided to tell you about it. Maybe you're in a place where you're asking why.
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