Wierd And Funny Dream I Had 20 Years Ago

In this dream, I was outside somewhere having a conversation with this fellow and as we were talking a goat walked up and starting bleating very loudly. We continued talking and this goat just kept bleating. The goat would bleat whenever I tried to say something , so I looked at the goat with a frustrated expression and told the fellow that I wished that goat would just shut up. As I said that the goat justed bleated very loudly again. At this I got really upset and yelled at the goat to go away. The goat just looked at me at bleated again. I was furious and moved toward the goat to swat him. At this I woke up just as the goat bleated one last time. Much to my horror and surprise I could still hear the goat as I awoke and realised the sound was coming from me as I was having some wierd snoring fit.
Very shortly after that I had my nose and throat "roto-rooted" to clear obstructions along with a long needed tonselectomy. I still snore.......but just not like a goat.