Will Solomon be in heaven?

King Solomon was the wealthiest king ever, probably,
had lots of wives,
wisdom from God,
peace on all sides,
yet later in life he listened to his loves and worshipped other gods.
God spoke to Solomon twice but Solomon forgot the voice of God,
His miracles, His grace.
God then split the kingdom after Solomons death because of Solomon but not while
he lived because of God's promise to David, not Solomon himself.
As a Christian you can have wisdom, wealth, family, go to church
but inside you have forgotten Christ,
forgotten why you even became a Christian,
you don't read the word daily
you don't pray daily,
wealth and the cares of this life have choked you.
I get very lazy as a Christian,
I drift, I watch too much tv, I let tv evangelist do the spiritual thinking for me rather than examine
the word of God for myself.

We can lose the challenge of faith,
but life will change and we must pass from this life,
and how sad if our end is a loss of faith rather than gain.

Will Solomon be in Heaven?
Yes, 2 Sam 7:12-15 (a dual prophecy, both Solomon and a Messianic prophecy) let's us know that God's mercy did not depart from Solomon. In addition, the book of proverbs is said to be written before Solomon fell, and the book of Ecclesiastics was written after he repented.