Windows Live Mail Desktop. Synchronize with cell phone

Windows Live Mail Desktop. Synchronize with cell phone

I am using Windows Live Mail Desktop as my email client (Note not the web based version but the desktop email client)on a computer running Win XP sp3. I understand Microsoft are encouraging folk to switch from OE to WLM

My cell phone is a Nokia 6110 Navigator.

Nokia provide a programme called PC Suite to sync phone and PC.

It enables sync with Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus messenger but there seems to be no way to sync with WLM

I have sent Nokia support a number of emails asking for advice but they do not even reply.

Can anyone suggest how I can sync my cell phone with my PC and include the WLM as it naturally has all my contacts, emails etc.?

I have also got ActiveSync installed on my computer but that also does not seem to support WLM.



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Dec 7, 2005
Sydney, Australia
I use Windows Live Mail for my address that ends in :)
I don't know if you can sync your phone with WLM because WLM does not work like usual email clients. For eg: You can't use WLM for any other email address. There are some restrictions and probably some integration/compatibilty problem with it. Not sure though.
Dec 1, 2010
I m using Nokia X5.With this i can easily synchronize my phone with PC as well as i use 3G and Wi-Fi give me fast internet access no matter where i take my phone.Thank you.