Windows Live Mail Desktop. Synchronize with cell phone

Windows Live Mail Desktop. Synchronize with cell phone

I am using Windows Live Mail Desktop as my email client (Note not the web based version but the desktop email client)on a computer running Win XP sp3. I understand Microsoft are encouraging folk to switch from OE to WLM

My cell phone is a Nokia 6110 Navigator.

Nokia provide a programme called PC Suite to sync phone and PC.

It enables sync with Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus messenger but there seems to be no way to sync with WLM

I have sent Nokia support a number of emails asking for advice but they do not even reply.

Can anyone suggest how I can sync my cell phone with my PC and include the WLM as it naturally has all my contacts, emails etc.?

I have also got ActiveSync installed on my computer but that also does not seem to support WLM.



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I use Windows Live Mail for my address that ends in :)
I don't know if you can sync your phone with WLM because WLM does not work like usual email clients. For eg: You can't use WLM for any other email address. There are some restrictions and probably some integration/compatibilty problem with it. Not sure though.
Jeff the new version of WLM works just like Outlook or Outlook Express. It lives on your computer and it works with multiple email accounts. I have 11 email accounts on mine from my web sites, from Googlemail, from AOL and from various ISP's

See Windows Live Mail

Microsoft are promoting it to replace Outlook Express.
I m using Nokia X5.With this i can easily synchronize my phone with PC as well as i use 3G and Wi-Fi give me fast internet access no matter where i take my phone.Thank you.