Windows Movie Maker?


Windows Movie Maker?

Does anyone here use this?
I spent 3 hours organizing my pictures to the music, right in sync.
Then, I go and add the neat little extras to each photo and what happens?
The pics are no longer in sync with the song!
What am I missing?
I would think this would automatically adjust to the timimg and length of the pics but it shortens them all!
I gave up on this too, Violet.

Brand new disc, tons of photos, music I liked...and it doesn't sync and sometimes the music towards the middle goes ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba! in an endless loop.

So now I just print the pictures and flip through them while I'm listening to my favorite songs, he he he:eek:
wow that never happened to me....:confused:
I put the music last, otherwise, I change the lenth of the pics manually.