Wisdom and Prophesy: Psalm 12

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Wisdom and Prophesy: Psalm 12

The wisdom and abilities to propesy that King David had was a gift given to him by God.

David was the son of Jesse. Jesse was brought to the attention of God's Worker, Samuel, and Samuel sought out Jesse and his three sons and purified them for a ceremony. Samuel evaluated each of Jesse's sons and when Jesse's youngest son, David, was brought before him, he knew that David was the one that God had spoken to him about. Samuel anointed David as the new King.

David's reign as King started when he was a very young man. David lived to be a very old man and during his lifetime, he wrote many, many prayers and songs based upon his visions and his talks with God. One of the most meaningful songs, or 'psalms' that David wrote as a prophesy, is contained in Psalm 12. Please read with me from the New Living Translation and think about what he wrote some 3000 years ago and how it applies to this day:

1 Help, O Lord, for the godly are fast disappearing!
The faithful have vanished from the earth!
2 Neighbors lie to each other,
speaking with flattering lips and deceitful hearts.
3 May the Lord cut off their flattering lips
and silence their boastful tongues.
4 They say, “We will lie to our hearts’ content.
Our lips are our own—who can stop us?â€
5 The Lord replies, “I have seen violence done to the helpless,
and I have heard the groans of the poor.
Now I will rise up to rescue them,
as they have longed for me to do.â€
6 The Lord’s promises are pure,
like silver refined in a furnace,
purified seven times over.
7 Therefore, Lord, we know you will protect the oppressed,
preserving them forever from this lying generation,
8 even though the wicked strut about,
and evil is praised throughout the land.
The evil ones are among us today, just as they were with David 3000 years ago. David's Wisdom and Prophesy is a life lesson for us all as we combat the forces of evil and keep ourselves in harmony with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Amen and may God bless.