Wonderful life

Apr 18, 2009
Metro Manila
Wonderful life

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A wonderful life is this of ours,
If we leave its needs and pluck its flowers,
If we see the beauty of the earth,
And cherish things of greater worth,
And trust that clouds which bring the rain,
Will pass, and days be bright again.

A wonderful life is this we live,
If the more we get the more we give,
And not of our, gathered store alone,
But of things that are truely more our own,
The treasure which can never be told,
In all the worlds unminted gold.

A wonderful life! if we but see,
How wonderful it may be,
How wonderful in words of cheer,
To banish pain and doubt and fear,
And with the beautiful aid of love,
To link this life with heaven above.

written by Charles rewritten by Ramon