Word Pictures



Very nice! God has word pictures throughout the OT! Most people don't realize the the paleo-Hebrew was pictograph like hieroglyphics. For example, א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It has the pictograph meaning of first, strong, sacrifice, ox head. Each letter has such a meaning. So every word in the OT has this type of understanding. Wait for it! The word "LORD" in the KJV is actually this word:

יְהוָ֥ה and the letters are yod, hey, vav, hey from right to left. The meaning of yod יְ is arm and hand, work, deed. The meaning of hey ה is window, LOOK!, reveal, grace. The next letter vav וָ֥ has the meaning of tent peg, nail, established. And then hey is repeated. So the Name of God, translate Jehovah in English means, by the letters, Arm and hand, LOOK!, nail, LOOK! What's the picture?


Hebrew is a very action oriented language and very creative. So you could also say God's name also means:

Work of Grace Nail for Grace!

Because of what Jesus did, we too are now righteous and holy. But we must look at the Sacrifice, Jesus, Who is within us, and then we find the love we need for others. Let’s look at the name of Jesus in Hebrew: ישׁועה The pictograph is open hand or work or deed, destroys or eats, establish or nail, to see or experience, reveal or grace. Salvation means the deed finished (another word for destroy) the established (the Law), so to experience grace. What Jesus did on the cross fulfilled the Law so we can experience grace!

One more:
Covenant ברית in, man, arm and hand, mark
Whose hand was marked for a new covenant? Jesus. Add ayn (ע meaning see) to the beginning of the word “covenant” and you get the word Hebrew (עברית) – meaning see covenant.

Cool huh!? :D