Words - December 8th, 2010

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Learning from our Struggles

As believers in God, we are constantly reminded of the struggles which we will all eventually face. Sometimes, they are more difficult than others, and for some they are the downfall of their faith. But what, exactly, can we learn from our struggles? What exactly can we learn from those moments of hardship and pain that befall us?

It's true that when you walk in the light, especially in the light of God, you will be kicked from many different directions, sometimes without a forewarning. But the hardships are only as difficult as you perceive them to be. The more you look up and make light of the situation, the easier it becomes for you to make it through the darkness. It's not easy for some, of course, and some are stronger than others, but those times when you are down are the greatest times to rebuild your faith and understand the situation.

We must also be content with our current lives and with our futures. Many times we look so forward to more than we can handle, so much so that we can potentially cause accidents and mishaps and then bring about the fruit of destruction. When you put a finger in a fire that is still burning, you will get burnt. We must be cautious not to leap too far forward into the lake without first checking how far we will sink when we hit the water.

It is also important to remember that God is much wiser than we are. Many times, the situations we perceive as the devil attacking us are also the times in which God tests our faith. Just like a soldier is protected by his armor, and he is strengthened by years of rigorous training, just as a dancer is strengthened through training which increases in intensity gradually, our faith is tested and strengthened in much the same manner. God cannot use people who are weak in faith and spirit. We must be strong to withstand the hardships that we will face in our lifetime. We cannot be weak and falter. And we must not depend solely on our strength but on the strength of God. We must not put our faith in things of this world, in our own works and our own skills alone, but in the ways of the Lord. God's ways are more powerful than ours, his judgment better, his spirit more compassionate and more loving than ours. He is without prejudice, without bias, without anger or hatred, without the things which can cloud us in our minds.

December 8th, 2010
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