Words of the Bible

Words of the Bible

I've just put up a new site at

I've thought for some time that there should be an online Bible presented using modern standards compliant code and following accessibility guidelines, so I put this together using an open source bible to avoid copyright issues.

The presentation (using css) is designed to make it more pleasant to read online than most of the Bibles you find online - while it may not be a work of art like illuminated manuscripts of old, I think I've managed to make it far more presentable than many of the sites out there.

I'm quite pleased with the front page - It's got a short quote from the bible that changes regularly, and a google search box - the idea is that if you make it your home page, you will see several inspiring messages throughout the day. (Lots of people use google as their home page which is why I included the search box)

Please give it a try

Does anyone think this is useful?
Very neat and encouraging! :) Good work Paul. I think this page will be useful to many christians as long as you can keep it ad free.

The site looks good. You've got a nice simple design that doesn't take away from what your purpose is (to share the Word.) I'd probably like it better without the Google search box, but like Jeff said, the main thing would be to keep it ad free. Nice job!