Work and God

Work and God


I listen to music while I work. I am working in the back (as a baker) of Tim Horton's (<btw: it's Timmie's for short>....which is a coffee shop in Canada for those who don't know - and some locations in the northern states). Right now I am currently in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

I have worked in Dauphin Manitoba before (at Timmie's there), had the privilege of listening to CD's while I was working there... all my music was worship/gospel at the time (for three months straight I listened to the same 8 CD's... I know listening to the same music after a while gets boring, and one coworker suggested I get some more style <rock, rap, etc.>... so I eventually got some Skillet, Third Day, Reliant K, Switchfoot, and some others. Most of it was rock, but I also got Toby Mac (a remix version CD, doesn't sound as good as the original recordings) MuteMath (my favourite)... anyhow that was then...

Now, I listen to those here at home, but I can access internet radio (which is CD quality anyway)... but at work here, I have radio to listen to. I listen to Shine FM (in Edmonton) at work.. they play a mix of rock, rap, gospel, pop, etc. I have got a lot of opinion on it with just one day's worth of listening "that's an interesting station" said a couple of coworkers.
I cannot spread the word to people I work with myself, because though they encourage everyone to communicate and get along in a happy manner, we're not allowed to talk too much about our lives. Kind of an oxymoron if you will "talk but talk little". The music speaks for who I am, because I cannot speak about it. I can talk about it when I am asked about it though (I have been asked about it once already). I do try to work well, and do have a high integrity in my work life (though it's not really possible to impress anyone there; you kind of have to do the best you can).

One thing that amazes me as that people tell me how certain things 'show'. Even when I'm not getting the word straight out, some people can tell by action. I have had people (just people on the street) come up and ask me if I'm a Christian. I don't deny it; people often give the response "oh, that's why your so joyful/helpful/etc". When I used to work night shifts, I was often told how happy I looked before and after my shift. I wasn't miserable unless I was tired, even then I wasn't really miserable (still showed joy somehow...)

Sometimes I try to get the word out (people do take greater notice if you do try though), sometimes people just happen to notice even when I'm not "doing anything"... sometimes actions are greater than words.

I haven't really been out much... home and work are my primary places right now (I am new to Sherwood Park, haven't gotten involved with a church group just yet, but will try to work some sort of schedule for it... that's how you get to know the right people sometimes <encouragement>)

How do you spread the word?

I do plan on spreading the word further, such as wearing a Jesus Inside cap (there's some interesting stuff floating around) I like wearing hats (and since I'm a geek... well, some people might recognize it from the Intel symbol - it makes people look twice) For example For example Tommy Hillgifer (however you say it) turns into Jesus Hellfighter...... I think that some clothing goes too far with quotes, but you know - if you don't do anything and sit back, instead of a soul coming to Jesus, Satan will go to the soul and snatch it away. I'm not too keen on being decked out in Christian clothing (makes you look religious) but a little word is good enough to get the message out :)
Hi crOss, I am so glad you like Mute Math- Paul Meany was the worship leader in my church for several years- we have been blessed with other awesome talents such as Jason Morant and many others. The place has a real annointing for worship and I can't wait to bless the Lord every service.
As far as how I spread the Word I like to were bible scriptures on my vinyl aprons (I ran a meat department) and you would be surprised how many people would stop and talk to me about them.In an average week I would check in about 60 deliveries and have had the opportunuty to minister to dozens of drivers. I sing praise all day long and God's joy burns in my heart. It is amazing how many people give you a hard time but run to you when they are in trouble! Living for Jesus does show even when you aren't saying or doing anything external- and I have also had people ask me if I am Christian- when they do I it is my joy to share His goodness - I tell everyone I talk to not to expect me to be perfect but to keep their eyes on Him!
This reminds me of a story- I was priviledged to work in a ministry in New Orleans and every Saturday we would take turns carrying a cross down to Bourbon Street- for those of you who don't know that is a place full of bars, strip club, everyform of degeneration known to man is found there and the crowds are enourmous. Anyway as a group we would hand out tracks and talk to as many people as possible. One night a friend and I decided to walk down a few blocks and see who we could talk to there- At a distance we both saw the most amazing thing- over the whole area were the cross was was lit up with a brilliant light and the further we walked from the cross the darker everything got- what a contrast- what a sight to behold.
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I don't really think that I'm supposed to talk about religion at work... The group of people that I work with is really small, and I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable...

But I'm pretty sure that everyone knows what kind of beliefs I have...

I'm thankful for the job that I have, because there is A LOT of down time, so I spend my extra time including breaks on here or reading the Bible that I bring to work, and I've gotten a couple of questions about it...

it's pretty awesome...