working in extreme heat


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working in extreme heat

working in extreme heat putting in water boxes to cool the flames.after 3 hours of hard work they fit,a total stranger says thank the lord for that.little things give us hope.
Amen- I know what heat is- a typical summer day here is 95 to 100 degress with 98% humidity- you can get soaked to your bvd's just walking in to your sidewalk to pick up a newspaper!
Actually, this topic reminds me of our late dinner last night.
We ate outside where it was cool enough but the mosquitos were so bad.
We were talking about The Bible and the kids were getting a little irritated by all the biting.
For a minute I was ready to call it quits too and suddenly I thought about all that Christ endured and it made me more patient of the situation.
I was ready to mention this when the kids suddenly sat there without complaining and we finished our discussion~
We have too many blessings to get irritated with the little stuff!