10/19 Working Through Our Pain (Acts 8:1,3-4) God does a miraculous work through persecution. He will take what is meant for bad and turn it around for good. Keep that in mind as you go through your pain and know that He is working it out for good. The encouraging word and video devotional with Minister Jeff Fannell. For others visit
Godspreciouspeach, I want you to know how much putting this thread up has so helped and blessed me this morning. I came on to this site looking for help as I couldn't even open my bible this morning, due to factors in my life at the present time.
After watching the video, I then pressed your other link (sis.e.home). The first page spoke so so clearly to me and was I know, a really encouraging word from God specifically for me and my situation.

I have been truly given hope because of your post.

Thanks for this. It was really encouraging. Just bookmarked this site.
Bless the name of the Lord!
God is good and He knows all things. Never doubt for one moment that He does not see and He does not hear. Cry out to Him and He will answer. I am encouraged. Thank you so much for writing.
Be blessed.
Sis. E