Would You Lie To Save A Innocent Life?

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aha, so what you are saying is......
You would unquestionably, surely, definitely, without a doubt lie!!
No, that is not my point.

My point is, we open a discussion for a reasons: it’s for a good reason…… to instruct, a call for action, to seek understanding…or even to amuse..., etc….

The reader as I said will take the QUESTION at face value: that is: it will SAVE.

Now, if one will say, actually the “SAVE” there will not actually “SAVE”…
It seems to me, it will REDUCE the QUESTION, to that simply a joke, or a trick…

Similar to joke about a person returning a broken watch to the seller…
You said the watch is strong enough even I hammer it!
The seller said: we’ll, did it actually got hit? : )
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