Y'all have a recipe fer this one?

Y'all have a recipe fer this one?

My grandpappy had a recipe fer baked possum but he never wrote it down. Anybody have one ta share?

( I ain't kiddin' - there's so many of them critters around these here parts that y'all could harness 'em all up and have 'em pull yer farm wagon all over the back 40. )

(Well - Ya - I guess I am kiddin'...):p
My grandpappy had a recipe fer baked possum but he never wrote it down. Anybody have one ta share?

( I ain't kiddin' - there's so many of them critters around these here parts that y'all could harness 'em all up and have 'em pull yer farm wagon all over the back 40. )

(Well - Ya - I guess I am kiddin'...):p

Sorry, but the closest I could find was this one.
Maybe you could substitute the possum for the cockatoo. :D

Cockatoo Stew

Equipment needed:
A large billy (a large saucepan will do)
o Water (couple of litres/quarts)
o One medium to large cockatoo
o One large boot
o Salt and pepper to taste
Place the water, boot and cockatoo into the billy and bring to boil.
Simmer for 10 to 12 hours.
When the Boot is soft, throw the cockatoo away.
Eat the boot.
Serves 2
I have never eaten it, and won't hehe... but yeup we have lots of em down here, my papaw is big on coon and deer meat, none of that for me niether!!!!
Hey, 'New2Christ' - nice ta see someone else here from the Bluegrass State - ( but it ain't blue over here in McCracken County... hehehe...)

Iff'n y'all want some good back country cookin', here's a couple fer y'all:

How To Catch And Cook A Possum | Hillbilly Crackpot

Possum Recipes

And if y'all don't understand us hillbillies and rednecks, here's somethin' that might give y'all an idea as ta what we're all about...

Hillbilly Jokes - Rocket Science

Y'all have a good day, now, y'hear? :)

Nice to meetcha as well!

Come on in an sit a spell.. :) If your like us here in ol Harlan then you wont have to take yer shoes off, lol..
Yes, m'am; I surely might take y'all up on that sometime. The little lady and I get over yonder ta Middlesboro every year and I think, rightly, that y'all are just up the road a piece near Pine Mountain.

By brother-in-law, Billy Bob, has a wrecker service in Middlesboro and we go a-visitin' now and again.

His wife, my wife's sister, has a good old recipe fer skunk tenderloin that'll make a puppy pull a freight train. Grits and some greens on the side and y'all don't even smell it much anymore.

We went ta that steak joint on Highway 25 in Middlesboro last year. It musta been close ta Kentucky Derby time, 'cause the steak that I had was so tough that y'all could still see the whip marks where the jockey was hittin' on it.

Well, now, ain't it a small world? Y'all take care and God bless.
Come on now you guys…

You’re talking like the Beverly Hillbillies.

You’re not related to the Clampetts… are you? :D
Weeeee doggies!
Jed Clampett: [to an obviously revolted Mr. Drysdale] That's the thing about salted down possum, it's just as good the second day.


You all are just a takin' me back to the good ol' days when life was simple and T. V. had some great programs. LOL


I walked out on my patio last night and there was a possum the size of a small dog eating food from the outside cats bowl. I have to say that Science Diet has really given that critter a shiny coat!
aint it thogh! never thought id'e meet one from this neck of the woods.. yup middlesboro ain't to far from us, that's where I do my tradin. gots somegood sells ovair.. ya'll have ta try the steak house up in harlan, real good food, john wayne, andy griffeth and kentucky ball on t.v. and yu'll think yer tonge's tryin to beatcha brains out when ya taste of ther catfish.!

blessins to ya now!


Ha! I like these:

"If you do run your car into a ditch, don't panic. Four men in the cab of a four wheel drive with a 12-pack of beer and a tow chain will be along shortly. Don't try to help them. Just stay out of their way. This is what they live for."

" Two hunters were dragging their dead deer back to their car. Another hunter approached pulling his along too. 'Hey, I don't want to tell you how to do something, but I can tell you that it's much easier if you drag the deer in the other direction. Then the antlers won't dig into the ground.'

After the third hunter left, the two decided to try it.

A little while later one hunter said to the other, 'You know, that guy was right. This is a lot easier!'

The other added 'Yeah, but we're getting farther and farther away from the truck!' "

Now y'all gone and done it !

I'm hungry enough this mornin' ta munch on a side of beef - with the old gal still walking in the pasture.

Dang, it's just about time ta go get me some breakfast a cookin' on the wood stove. I think I'll rustle up some quail eggs, grits, some beef jerky and ta keep things elligant, "a supreme strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and truffle oil". ( I read that in one of them ritzy magazines at the dentist office a couple weeks ago whilst I was waitin' ta have my tooth cleaned. What the heck is a truffle... I ain't seen them critters around these parts.... is they somethin' like a gopher ?)

Now, iff'n I can just run and catch up with that dad gum cow and get some cream fer whippin', I'll get my mornin' excercise at the same time. Whoa, Matilda, whoa.....

Y'all have a good day... and God bless.
Just make sure them quail eggs are fresh.

Jed Clampett: [bounces a golf ball on the kitchen table, thinking it's a "golf egg"] Strictly speakin', I don't think these are fresh laid.
love uncle jed

hey paducah, ain't it bout time for us to be getten some poke's together and gatherin us up some hickory chickes and polk salad? I reckon them lil varment's should be a poppin up outs of the ground huar soon!

boy whatsa supper we can make, add us somes salt bacon and tater's and some iron skilet cornbread, whew!

come on matilda, wee's needin some fesh cow butter!