Yeshua's exhortation for today. 01/31/ 2011

Yeshua's exhortation for today.

"A haughty man will always misinterpret another’s gift; while sowing seeds of pride to muddy the waters, he will try to replace G-d’s chosen vessel with his own dishonor." Amen!

So true Y'shua friend. Here's another one though not as eloquent as yours but along the same lines.

'A shinning nail will always get hammered'.
I like this. There is definitely some truth here, though I'm generally cautious about "Scripture-sounding" proverbs.
* “There are many levels, and different rungs upon the ladder of spiritual maturity; and the man that finds himself to be at the top of the ladder, has but only one direction left to go, as the gravity of his haughtiness will take him.”