Yet Another New Person Here :)

Good day :)

I'm new to this forum. I'm semi new to Christianity ... again. I have a long story to tell. Short version is I left the Church and studied paganism for ... a couple decades really ... but after a major change in my life I found myself being led back to the Church. So here I am. Learning. Listening. And hoping to figure out what to do with the bubbles inside of me right now. LOL

Hope to listen and learn to have some great chats with y'all ...

I'm kinda new too, but I think the Mods typically instruct a new member to review "Your Welcome Pack" and "Getting Started." Also, read a couple of posts in General Discussions relative to how to post and the guidelines that the Moderators have set up.

Then, I think, yeah, jump right in! The water's fine! LOL :)