You Know It's the Beginning of the End of Times When...

You Know It's the Beginning of the End of Times When...

Some funny things I just thought up. It's meant for humor.

You know it's the beginning of the end of times when...

...getting good grades in school is a bad thing.

...everyone stops having polite manners.

...there is a high rise of costs in everything (sound familiar?)

...good people are seen only in old time photographs.

...everyone's laws are yellowish instead of green.
Ok, I have to add some!!

You know it is the beginning of the end times when...

- For once, your next door neighbor went inside the house before 12 A.M.

- Your dog didn't try to chase the man in the big truck down in the shack house, right behind that old rusted fence with the old folk

- The employees at Starbucks acted like normal human beings

- McDonald's came up with some remake of an ethnic food, and for once it tasted pretty good

- Your local news talked about something nice!

- Your teenage children stayed in the house and ate at the dinner table for the first time in seventeen years

- Your husband watched something OTHER THAN Sunday night Football

- Your wife didn't notice that you ate her key lime pie, and turned your white socks pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple - don't forget you added to much detergent...

- That crazy mockingbird who attacked you every morning said hi (or "chewk!" since we're speaking mockingbird) and then left to mind his own "bird"wax

- God did something special in your life, and that could be anything. But the fact that He loves all of His Creation, and is one day coming here to govern it FOREVER, is the best thing of all!

Even so, come, LORD JESUS.


Hmm... I know I can't top em there ..... NTG but will try .

You know when the gas goes down it has to come back up ( and unfortunately they are using the war to say that is the reason )

When the cat wants to go out and snubs his nose cause it's too cold .

When the car needs washing cause you can't see the colour.

When there are no dishes to eat off cause they are all dirty.