You know what time it is?



Yeah but with attitude!:eek:

truthfully they might have both been made of the same original.
This is butternut pumpkin - which according to wikipedia, is also called butternut squash in the US. So it is safe to say, you call them squash, we call them pumpkins!

The squash pictured above are more in the zuchini (corgette) family and is about the size of or smaller than a cupcake (we call them patty cakes btw!).

Isn't language wonderful!

Hey Ausgirl...... That's cool. So now it is clear as mud....:D:D:DThanks for the explanation. Just think about the poor people who are trying to learn English, how confusing it must be.
Yah, and soon it will be too cold to plant those little bulbs.

Forget it cause like I said the squirrels dig them up so it's a lost cause.