You know your family is odd when...

You know your family is odd when...

You know your family is odd when

1. You wake up in the morning and the cat is cooking breakfast on the stove.

2. Your grandmother drives a floating vehicle with "Go, Grandma, Go" written on the side.

3. Your television set has a mouth, eyes, and actually holds a conversation with you. Plus, it changes the channel for you.

4. Your fridge has a tendency to throw expired food into the trash can.

5. Your kids sleep on invisible air beds.

6. You have to put a 'Beware of Plant' sign on the outside of your gate.

7. When you're out of gas, the car says, "I'm hungry!".

8. Your husband goes to work on a pogo stick that bounces 30 feet in the air.

9. Your wife's makeup applies itself to her face. Did I forget to mention the lipstick has a tendency to chase you around the house?

10. You have dragon eggs in your attic. They'll be hatching soon...
Hey! It's not nice to talk about my family that way.