You Move Me, Jesus

Aug 9, 2008
You Move Me, Jesus

Like music that soothes the soul,
You move me.
With three movements,
You’re the classical exposition that exemplifies
How dominant faith can be over reason.
You’re the free fantasia that signifies rhythmic instability in
A falsely conceived rationally harmonious mind.
You’re the recapitulation, which, in modified repetition,
Restates the first impression, thematically
Fundamental in this developing relationship.
You’re my new Sonata ... my song in the Key of Life that will
Transform me, from worse to better, in epic proportions
Before now, never thought possible.
Swiftly, you have captivated your audience; me,
Altering my chosen path of a moderately slow, andante cadence to a
Lively allegro.
Your spirited tempo permeates my mind, will, and ...
Emotions …
You move me, Jesus, to do Your Father’s Perfect Will.