You want to know what really disturbs me?


You want to know what really disturbs me?

That someone 60 years old is not old enough to be my father!

Does this mean I am growing up?
Nah!! :D

No offense, anyone, I am aging at the same rate you are!
lol dont be disturbed they say with age comes wisdom and who dosent like being smart? :eek: No one..and anyway the older the berry the sweeter the juice! Now come here and let me squeeze you! lol :p


The older the berry.... the sweeter the juice...... I like that.

Sooooo ..... I must be really sweet... tee hee

Thanks JRF.
My Dad is 67 if that makes you feel any better Violet?:D
My mum (if she were still here) is one year older than Joyce Meyer which certainly makes me feel better!
What disturbs me about getting older is that youth is sooooo wasted on the young.
Funny how we don't appreciate it until we are to old to enjoy it. :rolleyes:

I'm 57 by the way.
And proud of every gray hair that life has given me.



Cliff, what a profound statement~I have said the same thing!!!:)
We do learn with age though, that is certainly true!