Your favorite laundry detergent?

i guess i am lucky while i have never actually had to do my own laundry using a wash board and ringer i have used them. where i used to live there is an old ghost town (i think the last resident actually just died a few years back she was like 106 or somthin like that) that has been turned in to a historicle site. you can go in to alot of the old buildings they stillo have the bakery, general store and stuff like that open with all the original tills and ovens and such from the 1800's. they also have the old black smith and the old steam engine (the engine has been used in manny different movies such as shang high noon and wild wild west). you can make ice cream with an old churn aswell as butter (you get to eat the ice cream and they have fresh baked bread and such so you get to eat the butter to :D ) you can feed chickens and pigs and if its the right time of year you can watch them shear the sheep (the old fashioned way of course) and you can even do laundry aswell and twist rope. they also have wagon rides and all that you can even stay the night in the barracks (if any one is in to the military and military history that is actually where the Lord Strathcona's Horse Royal Canadians were formed they have since moved to Calgary then to Edmonton) here is a link to to see more info if your interested (if your ever in the area great place to go for a family outing). back to the thred now lol i use the ultra strong liquid purex dont need very much and it seems to last forever (talking about laundry detergent i need to do my laundry lol)
The Kirkland detergent from Costco works fine. Cheap like borscht too.:D

I tried Melaleuca and it works good, smells great, but it is a bit of a big chunk of cash to lay down at once when one is living paycheck to paycheck.