Your funniest moments!

Your funniest moments!

Haha, I hardly ever get embarassed. That's because I have learned to laugh at myself. Please tell me your funniest moments! Here are a few of mine:
-One time I was hanging out high up in a tree until the tree branch I was sitting on snapped and I fell all the way to the ground on my little bottom.
-OOOO and another time I was walking down the stairs and tripped and landed face first.
-I went bowling and accidently stepped over the line, man it was slippery. Fell down again.
-And we can't forget what happened tonight at work. I set off the alarm, by mistake. ^^

Hehe, now it's your turn! Don't be shy. ;)

I don't know about my own, but at my high-school graduation (end of year presentation night thingy for the school) one of the guys a few years behind me had a plastic prop sword (from Pirates of Penzance) and pressing it against the glass covering the emergency fire alarm button said, "Wouldn't it be funny if this went off!" He lent a little to hard and the glass broke! So the narrow hall I was in went dark then red lights started flashing and everyone had to assemble outside for about 20 minutes whilst the fire fighters disabled and reset the alarms! :D
I was bowling one time, using a ball too light for me for fun... Well, the finger holes were a tad small, and when I tossed it, well... Momentum carried me with it, and I had bowling alley grease all down my front.

As if that weren't enough, I could barely stand up to get myself off the alley with how slippery it was! I kept the others in the alley quite amused :D

Bowling is so much fun :dance:
ok...the anonymity of the net is the ONLY reason I will share this one ;-)

Golfing with my father on a pitch-and-put course, I teed off and sliced way off to the bounced up on to the previous hole between to guys trying to put out, and in went my ball. A hole in one on the WRONG GREEN!!!!:eek:

The most frustrating thing, of course, is that no one would let me play it from there. I shot 7 on that hole in the end.:cool:
Once i was trying to jump off the roof and my coat got stuck and i found myself hung up by the coat :D my friends was rolling on the ground laughing at me:)
Speech Class

I fell asleep once in college and was out of it...boy was I just gone. I thought I was so smooth. I had my pen in position like I was writing and my head was on top of my arm. Once I went to sleep, about 10 minutes in I started sawing off some logs, and the person behind me shook me a bit. When I woke up I shot up real quick and proceeded to shake my desk violently and tilt it ever so slightly that I began a slow tumble to the floor. So there I was lying on the floor in the fetal position. I couldn't breath at all because the side of the desk had gashed into the side of my body and knocked the wind out of me.

As I was laying on the floor there was a bit of silence after the loud THUD! and I broke the silence by saying..."I'm hurt"

Everyone started cracking up and I joined them once I caught my breath.
well when I did get my diploma, Me and a friend of mine, has told to each other that we would come in suit. (very weird(!)) and than, I did came in suit but he didn't, so I was the only one of the whole school
I can remember then I was in my junior high school, year 3. I used to sleep, at times like a log of wood. So this day, I got back from school, and my, I went to bed straight in the afternoon and slept off as usual. When my parents got back from work, they started looking for me without the slightest idea that I was in my room sleeping. I didn't even wake up. There was even a sort of earthquake, something like tremor. I woke up a little and saw that my bed was shaking, but silly me, I slept off again. Then everybody was now worried. Then at around 8:30 p.m. in the evening, I woke up, just for me to see my whole family and relatives worried about my whereabout. Oh my I was really embarrassed at that moment. And my parents really yelled at me.
I grew up in California and used to wash my own car by hand in the driveway - so I never used an automatic car wash before. I moved to Michigan in my mid-20's and found out that most everyone there uses the automatic car wash at some time or another because of the salt that gets on the ground in the winter. One summer day my friend's dad asked me if I would take his car up to the car wash because everyone else was busy preparing for a big party they were having that afternoon. I reluctantly agreed... not having a clue how to do it. So here I go, I drive up to the attendant who is taking the money, pay him - but was too embarrassed to ask what I was supposed to do, so I winged it. I drove up to the wheel ramps... let the other attendants guide me... so far, still ok, I felt the wheel guides grab the tires...then all of a sudden....the car went FLYING through the car wash with all of the attendants jumping to the side and falling to the ground!!! The car sped past the guy who was supposed to wipe down the car after it was washed and he fell to the ground sideways as well! I had the windows rolled up so I couldn't hear the obscenities that they were screaming at me. I was shaking sooooo badly and I had no idea of what had just happened! I got back to my friend's house and was just about in tears when I told them what had happened. My friend's dad asked me... "Did you put the car in Neutral"? Right then I was so embarrassed as I realized that the car had been in drive the whole time - and I could have killed someone!! I am still a little bit afraid of car washes to this day!