Your Israel Connection

Your Israel Connection

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Bridges for Peace

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For those who are new to the list, Bridges for Peace is a Christian charitable organization, headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. Since 1977, we have been working to build Christian–Jewish understanding and support for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. We do this through 14 different aid projects, and by disseminating information about Israel and teaching Christians about the Hebraic roots of Christianity. We have national offices in Israel, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Our Spanish Resource Center is in Jerusalem, Israel.


Thanks Mom! These people have enjoyed an excellent reputation for years and are a solid organization.
Yes , I get their news letter in my inbox and also they are the ones I am going on the trip to Israel with in Nov. The president of the Canadian chapter is a personal friend as he and his wife and I grew up in the same home town church.