Youtube not working

Youtube not working

When I go to Youtube/Godtube, it stops after 2 or 3 seconds everytime, and there is no sound. It's not an issue of connection or loading, because:

a) My connection is very good, I have checked this
b) It loads all the way, just won't play more than a couple seconds.

It is some sort of software update; I know this because last time I had this, I fixed it by downloading some update, I just can't remember what.

Interestingly enough, Adobe Live meeting, or whatever it's called, does not work properly anymore either. I can't hear any sound on it.

Can anyone help? It would nice to be able to fix this by Friday...

Thanks. :)

You Tube's server is quite unreliable, I have noticed, in my case.
At certain time of the day it just runs like a hot knife in butter, but at other times, nothing is moving.

When you upload a video, it takes a while to run.

What I do sometimes, is when the frustration starts, I just bookmark the video, and then return at a later time. Usually it's OK. It also depends on the weight of the video I think.....
Maybe I should note this is for ALL online videos, at least those run by Adobe Flash player. And I have the latest version of it too.

It isn't Youtube's fault, or any one video.
It runs slower for me at times than at others, also~
YouTube has SOMETHING to do with it, I imagine, because in the middle of the night I rarely ever have a problem!

I suppose when someone has 30 windows open, it can't help the problem! :)
If it's the adobe player, right click on the video while playing

select 'settings'

click on the file and notice the "local storage' screen appear.

Increase the storgate to either 10MB or unlimited
My biggest problem is just the browser freezing up (I use Firefox) that when I try to switch to another video, it just hangs. I just have to restart my browser.