Zophbee- Welcome to CFS

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Oct 29, 2006
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Zophbee - Welcome to the Forum.

We ask this of all new members,
Please look over the following forum links and familiarize yourself with them. This will allow you to have a safe and enjoyable time here in the Forum.

This is just a forum procedure and required reading for all new members:
  1. Forum Policies and Procedures
  2. Topics which May Not Be Discussed in the open forum.
If you have any questions or navigation issues, please feel free to contact a Moderator or Helper and we will do what we can to help you with things.

Nice to have you with us for bible study and fellowship.
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Oct 8, 2019
First time I had a thread created to welcome me into a forum community haha, that's quite nice thank you! Glad to be here, and hope you all have a great day. :) God bless!
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