1. CPerkins

    Lessons from life as we share it with God

    While gardening today, I was thinking about the lessons we learn in our daily activities and routines. In gardening there are many lessons that can be learned, but this true of any activity we get involved in. I'm hoping we can share with one another some of the things we learn in our various...
  2. rtm3039

    What is work?

    Good day. I came upon an interesting article and thought it would be a good topic for general discussion. The article was written by Gregory C. Cochran, June 23, 2019, and titled Help! I don’t know how to bring my faith to work. The author tells the story of three characters; Ricardo, Jerald...
  3. C

    Pl pray for our out reach teams

    Dear brethren here is prayer request.. we have planned to have some gospel camps and gospel crusades in 20 different villages and towns to reach and work in next 2 months.. we need your prayers help we request you all to pray for these matters I am adding few requests for prayers here 1. in all...
  4. E

    God is working in every detail of our lives

    Hi everyone I would like to share how I am amazed by God through His words, promise and work in my walk with Him. So I was currently living in middle eastern country and working as a cabin crew. Everyday I meditate on God's word, pray and give thanks to Him. I feel that He is my best friend and...