What is work?


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Feb 5, 2019
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Good day. I came upon an interesting article and thought it would be a good topic for general discussion. The article was written by Gregory C. Cochran, June 23, 2019, and titled Help! I don’t know how to bring my faith to work. The author tells the story of three characters; Ricardo, Jerald, and Veronica.

Ricardo is a plumber and sees his work as a mission in which he aims to witness to his co-workers, when the opportunity arises. Jerald works for a nutrition company. He does not feel that some of what the company does is Christian-like, but he does what he has to do to keep his job. Veronica is an office worker. She views her job as a means to an end and the end is that she is well paid and can afford to keep her children attending a private Christian school. The author notes that Ricardo, Jerald and Veronica view their work from three perspectives: (1) missional, (2) divisional, and (3) instrumental; respectively.

The author suggests that the proper way to look at work is from a vocational perspective. “Christians can benefit by viewing work a fourth way—the vocational view of work. The vocational view understands work as a “calling.” Nursing, plumbing, teaching, and coaching are vocations—part of one’s calling in the world by God. Ethicist Scott Rae refers to these vocations as “ministries,” meaning these careers are various ways to serve others.”

In other words, “For Christians, work has value. Work is more than witness. Work must also be more than a means to the good life. And work can’t be divided from who we are as followers of Christ… In these and other ways, the vocational view provides great help. Christians belong to Christ. Wherever they work, Christians can work mightily as unto him (Col. 3:23), both glorifying God and serving others through daily work.”


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