Alphabet Soup Garden Varieties

Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
from 2009 and posted on many sites now gone...

how does God bless America?
our brains filled with propaganda
I pray for a new President
while scientists save the panda,

I see my friends lose their families
cause jobs found they cannot keep
lay offs companies close
while parents hear their children weep,

How does God bless America?
Yes our sons and daughters fight
I pray for peace and unity
my huge tongue I cannot bite,

Its Iraq or some other war
we stick our nose in everything
billions spent on killing machines
while The Pledge our children sing,

How does God bless America?
I must pray for health care reform
our medicine we cannot fill
its not rain but a full storm,

some old and disabled are stuck
in institutions created
by this modern society
with time that is never dated,

How does God bless America?
I pray for this land of the free
I can hear my fore fathers scream
at their visions no one can see,

I want to believe there is hope
in the USA I still love
oh Lord do you hear my prayers?
Its in your hands up above,

God Bless America through our prayers...
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina

its not in style to assume fairness
nor equality for the taxpayers,
those whom cant afford a medical mess
gave illegals rights that should have been theirs,

heaven forbid anyone says a word
because we are the land of the giving,
homeless veterans that does sound absurd
when those breaking the law have a living,

while many born here cant buy bad health care
or a prescription with a wallet bare,

900 billion is the antidote
on those whom never paid a dime within,
which could pay off our national note
given to the law breakers with no sin,

they cant do any wrong for it is right
its humanitarianism yes,
no matter citizens difficult plight
we must help everyone we do confess,

that's what America does indeed
we give till it crushes our nation,
and our own people are full of greed
for wishing to exercise with caution,

as we are to remain silent work whores
we cannot offend our neighbors
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
Let me try some writing on the fly inspired by the holy spirit...

I wonder if I can hear the angels
when they whisper into my ear softly,
or if when Im angry their voice quells
like an orchestra of calm melodies,

sometimes I think I can feel them around
fluttering their precious wings through the air,
have I ever seen one walking on ground?
I imagine beautiful skin so fair,

spiritual battles Im sure they fight
that we are unaware of on this day,
knowing how to lead us from wrong to right
I have great hope they will lead me the way,

do their wings spread forth wide into the breeze
flying free above the earth in the stars?
may their touch guide as I pray on my knees
can they wipe my tears away from afar?

its not for me to know these things I guess
I will see them all in heaven sometime,
might prayer keep me from this earthly mess
until in heaven my soul finds rhyme~
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
I kiss the clouds and land with a peach glow
sending endless sparkles upon the oceans,
but I never have enough time to share with you
while the stars and planets cause comotions,

I can only wave you a warmest hello or goodbye
wishing I had more time my dearest old friend,
but the hours soon will fade as I retreat
and paint the widest horizon as I bend,

I wish I could see you rise in all your glory
upon the darkest of midnight blue clear skies,
or if you could lend me one glowing beam
to wipe away some rays of my daily cries,

watching the world melt centuries into now
we have admired each other from afar too long,
as we have grown older but remain the same
but playing everyday a new sky themed song,

before I slip away and set again my dearest moon
and hug the earth one more time here today,
I just wanted to say you are my forever love
even though I can't ever quite stay~
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
When everything seems to go wrong and I just want something to go right = prayer
There is this certain unmistakable rest I receive when I put that sick in my stomach feeling into God's hands. Time doesn't always heal my wounds, but God will. Heaven is not a dream; its my reality = Peace

In the life of a believer we ride along and sometimes its a 65 Mustang convertible with the top down. Other times its a 1995 piece of crap jalopy that barely runs, but I still put gas in it. The difference? I now God is there for me in any scenario, and will get me any where I need to go. I do pray for myself, but not as much as Ive prayed for others. Why? As Americans we are truly blessed in this nation. We don't always realize how much we do have. So Im old, fat, and someone stole my Ray Bans along with a bunch of my jewelry that really did mean a lot to me. So someone found an old portfolio of my art work and stole a bunch of it. You know what they cant steal from me? My salvation.

I am going out of this world with the one thing that cant be taken away from me. I am a child of GOD, in the name of his Son Jesus Christ. I forgive you thief of monetary things, for what is most important to me isn't of this earth. It is of HEAVEN gifted by our Father. SO go pawn that big diamond, my grandmothers bracelet, that scuba camera, and enjoy all my diverse art work. You hurt me for but a few moments. Where will your soul be come judgement day? I pray for your salvation...

verses for strength:

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Psalm 73:26: My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.
1 Chronicles 16:11: Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.
Isaiah 40:29: He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
Mark 12:30: And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,
and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
yanno sometimes we all take prayer for granted
and forget that its not a magic cure all
cause God listens but he might be saying no
or not right now being our hearts aren't in it

I know Ive prayed for one thing in particular
on and off for most of my life it seems
Ive asked for prayer and Ive fasted in prayer
but sometimes we just have to accept it

no matter how much it might break our hearts
or if the bitter taste of disappointment lingers
we have the hope in Romans chapter five
and that some how some way gets us through

sometimes our head might hang lower
our spirits might get crushed one more time
there might never be enough tears for sorrows
but we makee it through another day by grace

thankful for the sunshine we did get to see
the fresh air we breathe deep inside our lings
for clean food water and safe shelter form the storm
that will pass over us again...
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Feb 15, 2010
Daly City, California
Hello thenami;

I checked in and while taking a break, read more of Alphabet Soup Garden Varieties. In your last thread it reminded me of a quote by author Brad Hoffman,

"Christian leaders need to be honest about the inherent challenges of our faith. There was only one sinless Person; He died to make up for where our integrity falls short."

Our integrity is a continued work in progress. This includes being honest with God when we take our prayers for granted, or cannot accept the outcome of His answers, I still deal with this, but am learning that our God's work is always within us, and is never incomplete through our challenges and circumstances.

Thank you for sharing.

God bless you and your family, thenami.
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
have I forgotten to listen to your humming
when all I can hear is endless noise?
the world is certainly not quiet in my silence
nor is the loud beating of my heart,
for I cant always hear it either unless I choose to
so why do I tune you out when you are here,
right where I can feel you in my veins
yet the buzz of technology prevails violently,
with the sound of modern machinery
and I am here in wonder of myself a prisioner,
in this world which has been made not of heaven
but by the greed of men wanting more,
as they have long forgotten you and your humming
cause they only believe in themselves~
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
sometimes I feel like giving up writing
like there's nothing left inside me to say,
its all been said by someone long ago
to be spilling my thoughts in ink today,

Ive been compared to poets and authors
that Ive never even heard of before,
than I read their poems wondering why
anything I have spewed seems like a bore,

I cant pull a decent write to compare
melting in an alphabet stew of tears,
stealing emotions with twisted verbage
fighting within my minds cobwebs for years,

digging down dusty shelves in my psyche
finding memories I wish to forget,
when all I need is a needle and thread
sewing the pieces tattered by regret,

no Strong's Concordance to my inner soul
or magazine subscription for issues,
there is nothing left here apparently
that cant be cured by a box of tissues,

so we let go and let God define us
when the inner struggle is all too real,
and sometimes the bible just don't cut it
as the echo of loneliness we feel,

it is war within we constantly fight
and I am never on the winning sides,
even my writes pale in comparison
to the many others word journey rides~
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
where I go I bring the wind in my back pack
the sunshine knows when its time for a rest
moon light has seen my soul bare tears for the stars
flowers understand the essence I carried for them,

mountain hot springs simply share the grief
released from deepest dark muddy places
as the rocks turn to pebbles turn to sand
making smooth what was once rough,

whisper to me mighty evergreens enduring time
as I gather dried wood almost to heavy to carry
dragging pieces together for a campfire like a testimony
to weathered working hands knowing prosperity

sing to me songs I never could listen to before
my aged ears only wish they could decipher now
never taking for granted the abundant beauty
natures tones simply provided for a minimal fee,

may layers of mountains guide mine eyes to sleep
as a final earthly payment unto thee of this day
knowing sometime I will remain in the heavens forever
even more breath taking than all I have ever seen~

the thrill of a road trip
never loses its appeal,
meeting new people
keeping my life real,
even stuck in traffic
or rain on mountain trails,
bad food cheap motels
with scenery that never fails,
pot holes are a plenty
horrid roads theres more,
what keeps my heart going
is American love galore,
the things I see when driving
with words I paint the view,
but till you see yourself
nothing I say will do.....

breath taking bumpy trails
dust flying into the air
no room for two vehicles
rambling like its a dare

emerald green quiet lakes
climbing hills to stone
passing two or three dams
loosing reception to phone

campfire stones build around
playing with adult blocks
gathering wood for the night
no concern for my time clocks

tents are up bags unrolled
the river is my cooler today
bottles of drinks even some fruit
my mind has nothing to say

fishing poles sandwiches
enjoying spectacular views
herds of deer coming to drink
mountain water blues

my mind wishes my body was young
so I would climb rocky faces
my feet are happier frozen here
on river rocks making paces

nothing but carp to catch it seems
lazy day in this setting sun
darkness comes too late up here
moon glow isn't on the run

crickets bats birds are more
simply flying all around
smiling up upon the stars
as Im planted on the ground

faint fog touching the wet grass
thhick to the top of the hills
of steepest up and downs
winding through NC VA WV KY
clenching my steering wheel
with barely a sign left of daylight

finding a moderate motel to rest
wishing the bath tub looked sanitary
as clean sheets quickly turned rusty
from red soil painted on my cowboy boots
saying wash me please Im old
but theres no time for line dancin'

insomnia takes the night off
dreaming of past places now new
even though the highway remains
blinding all with white dashes
growing brighter as it gets darker
happy to see the asphalt

thrilled for sunrise and sights
alarms race forward
like an Indy Mario
still a time tested legend
winning with a ring not a flag
knowing a free cup of coffee is my prize

ah its the same blurr on I-65
and all the way through to KC
though the wide open skies appear
like colored sand blown slowly
in an etch of sketch of clouds
making me wish to find my water colors

with the neatest rows of amber hues
tilled to a farmers perfection
in every direction but south
as I begin to miss the tobacco houses
among cotton like snow littering fields
and chicken fried in bacon grease

NE IA and wow to WY
the formations of wide mountains
come into sight with snow falling
landing me smack in Laramie
with ski resort signs leading the way
as mountains majesty sing in my ear

on through ID and Snake River
with layers of hills in top of each other
like waves in the ocean but on land
leading to snow topped peaks
like whipped cream without a cherry
in a pallet of choices

UT was breath taking
with cliffs remnding me
of a chewed sponge of some kind
or formations like a mud pie
sitting one on another
making the ride entertaining

never mind the John Day river
Oregon showed me the Dalles dam
and trickling water falls
I couldnt stop long enough to gawk at
while more mountains lined ahead
begging me to drive through

as I went forward in sun
then fog and rain and snow
and snow and rain and fog
back to sunshine through a long pass
I never dreamed would end
back to flat boring

never mind all the wind power blades
starring at me saying huh hey you
better stop for some shut eye
before you cant find a gas station
and you get standed no where
without hot food and a cool drink

all for the absolute rush
of seeing that Washington state sign
knowing this will be home
even if only for a little while
cause you just never know
what the road brings
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
where is my eternal compass
when the lighthouse lumens
are too dim inside iniquity
and the sea wishes to drown?

it is firmly planted within
guiding me from wrong to right
this most holy free gift
forged into my soul forever


it is almost a place of sanctuary
this den of music metal flash
where I do to find freedom
for a mere nominal fee I gladly release

not only for the creations themselves
nor the life time statements they make
each a unique piece both to me and that one
that never asks too many questions

but always listens like I bear a confession
with meanings deeper than that needle
can ever bear into my skin
like a penance payment in pain

mingled with blood in rainbow colors
outlined in black just as dark
as the sins I seem to hide within
stained upon my soul

with that gun buzzing away
it reminds me there is a fine line
between pleasure and pain
as I ballet on the edge of it all

somehow keeping balance
as I see my own designs come to life
graced inside my layers till the day I die
like graffiti thats been personalized

and again I fall in love with the rush
the pure high I find through nothing else
that sews all my tattered rags into one
making a garment for me to wear

telling a story only I can translate
through an artists affliction
reflected through two sets of eyes
that once met as one
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina

its the fourth of July
and the Long Island Rail Road
looks like a ghost town
the off peak ride stopped at every station
as the cars seemed to be empty
I walked through from one end to the other
for the shear thrill of never doing that
what an experience when no one is in the way

Penn Station was never this quiet
in all my life I couldn't remember less people
there were more law enforcement officers
per people count than in know history
I do so happen to believe the event was rare
cause we all do know we never can find a cop
when we need one cause they are eating donuts
I have a pic of a NYCPD car in front of the Dunkin'

Once out on the street it was a typical Man-hatten day
sizzling like people pennies on the concrete conglomeration
walking around checking out the crazy tourists
even crazier New Yorkers than think they are sane
doing all the same usual things like its another day
when I wanted to scream out at the top of my lungs
but I knew it would do no good as I'd just get ignored

so onto Times Square with all the vendors
pretzels hot dogs ice cream and The Naked Cowboy
with boots and a guitar in his tiddy whities
hustling tips as always for a pic with Mr. Handsome
I did get a shot of his cute butt to post on Face Book
as artists sculpted painted beaded and sold
some of which were definitely not one of a kind items
with costumed characters wandering about

my high light of walking around was finding
a multi floor shoe store with designer bargains
in air conditioning so I got to take a breather
I bought a bright magenta pair of Nike Air
that seem to stick out like "hi Im from NYC"
I prolly paid way to much yanno
as I didnt wear them so I could keep them clean
only to use them as a pillow later

Macy's was so crowded I was forced inside in the line
while trying to turn around and get out
so I had a Starbucks and went to the bathroom
which is an incredible feat in Manhattan
the line was longer than Santa's naughty list
but I knew I had better now or forever hold my P
cause I was ready to head to the west side
and find a spot for the boom boom booms

I waited in a crowd sleeping on my Nikes on the FDR
in front of the Macy's barge number two
right on the Hudson with all these cute cops
loving my southern accent as I played damsel
just so I could flirt a while in the fun shine
while waiting around bored to death
dying of thirst cause I knew if I drank anything
there would be no place to P in sight

two and a half hours later bracing that crowd
that kept getting bigger till they blocked everyone
from coming down to where we were
the fire works started with a bang
but I was sorely disappointed with the wait
thinking it would be quite a spectacular show
when Ive seen better at Disney and on Ft. Bragg
the thrill was the adventure afterwards

The mass exodus was something of biblical proportions
as a swarm or people as far as your eye could see
gathered to head east and away from the area
cars blocked by people and traffic sitting there
as limo drivers watched in awe
little ole men in convertibles whistled at women
young girls in the back of trucks toasted with soda
and circles of others sat right on the street waiting it out

its was amusing to hear NYCPD tell cars
it would be at an hour before they could move in traffic
as I took more pics of the Empire State building lit up
all red white a blue playing the tourist myself
on the way back to Penn Station still dying of thirst
trying to make it through the crowd of people
acting like a New Yorker myself and hauling azz
through cars stopped every place like a rat in a maze

I tried my best to make the next train out of there
and by golly I actually made it through the mess
the last time Ive seen that many people crowd the city
was during the free Simon and Garfunkel concert in 81'
but my sense of adventure certainly never faded
even though I did feel my years playing dodge ball
with traffic lights crying children and the madness
all simply to get the heck back home as soon as possible

Once inside Penn Station I couldnt believe my eyes yet again
there wasnt any room to move but with the flow of bodies
as I tried to head toward the Long Island Rail Road
fighting to get my way through hanging onto my shoes
like they were a prize to behold an award for my days journey
laughing and smiling that I indeed was a survivor
of the chaos they call the largest fire works display in the nation
I knew at that very moment this is the magic of Macy's New York

After a struggle to get to my train I almost missed it
there werent even any seats as I ran down the platform
looking into each car hoping I could sit down someplace
I made it all the way to the first car and found a place to rest
sitting next to an old couple from North Carolina!
he was a soldier stationed at Ft. Bragg in the sixties
they were here visiting their children
and went into Manhattan to go out for dinner

its a small world after all you know it...
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
thank you Father in the name of Jesus Christ
for everything everyday
might I remember the little things
most people forget
may my heart sing for you
and my ears listen to your word
as my eyes stay focused
upon that which you wish me to see~

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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
we are born a blank canvas
free from the sin nature of man
and we can be born again
by the will of God's own plan,
through his Son Jesus Christ
are washed white as snow
through unconditional love
are well watered to grow,
may we always remember
his gift for the entire world
as his gospel of salvation
is spread throughout unfurled~
Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
sitting in my home tranquility reigns
as I rest well from cleaning all day long
so my worn body remembers pains
like singing an old epic cracking song,

poor shoes I done killed my beach kicks mopping
I imagine ten years was long enough,
they certainly had better days bopping
through sand and rocky shores remaining tough,

the kitchen sparkles just for me too bright
rugs shampooed and the pets have all been fed,
tomorrow shall come but its sleep tonight
upstairs is calling me inside my head,

moonlight and twinkles are dusting mine eye
knowing it is now the time for goodbye~

Thank you Father for a beautiful clean home in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, Amen
(the upstairs awaits for the same treatment)
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
life is a vegetable garden
sometimes I have to pick out the weeds
cause they drink most of the water
and grow too strong choking whats good,

then they can go back to being well fed
with what they need from the sun and soil
while I anticipate their crisp freshness
to grow big and strong and that's good,

kinda like us...

the world pollutes our thoughts
and gets us away from reading scripture
which is the soul food we need to thrive
especially on the cloudy days,

sometimes the weeds in our mind need picking
cause they choke our good intentions
when we should be cooking a great big pot
of God's alphabet soup for the hungry
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
one of lifes unending fights is survival
to eat before we are consumed by greed,
to breathe calm and love like never before
to plant hope with happiness like a seed,

but where is the water when needed most
does diversity deny a cool drink?
does introspection change our uniqueness
does peace reign or is it a missing link?

sometimes self expression doesn't color
its random thoughts spewed on a blank page,
its stepping outside of a man made box
its a quick release of some hidden rage,

definitions define what we decide
for our worlds are truly what we create,
for we place ourselves in a judgement zone
for that of which there will be inner debate~
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
here today and not promised tomorrow
I live to cherish one moment a time,
past is gone with memories to borrow
wasting many away would be a crime,

the good the bad the ugly I do carve
someplace deeper into this brain of mine,
feeding the great ones so they do not starve
while in the present the living shall dine,

bring me the future in a silver plate
and I might throw it back like a football,
the not knowing I love and do not hate
destiny sounds the final curtain call,

so here today and gone tomorrow yes
living in the now sure can be a mess
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
Yanno it I think we all feel like Paul much more of the time than any of us is willing to admit.
Romans 7:14 states "for we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin".
He continues his dichotomy being quite perplexed as I know I can get. Why?
It stems from the contradiction of what I have been taught in the various churches I have attended all claiming they are right.
Well not everyone can be right when there is clearly so much division as to what the bible says.
So has going to church outlived its usefullness? Most of the time I feel that it indeed has.
The only true benefit I can find right now from attending a congregational meeting, is for the fellowship.
Topics? Sermons? Directional scriptural advice? Sunday service? It can all be found online, with way much more than we ever imagined.
Are we meant to discern scripture for ourselves? It does speak to us all on an individual basis.

So tonight I feel like Paul from verses 15-17. " For that which I do I follow not: for what I would, that I do not; but what I hate, that I do. If then I do that which I would not, I consent under the law that it is good. Now there is no more I that do it, but the sin that dwelleth in me".

"For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace". "For we are saved by hope".

I think I need to get away from people more often. Time for a camping trip by myself without any solid food, and to fast in prayer for a few days.
Solitude away fromt he world is way underrated.
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Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
humble me so I cannot fight within
cause me to bite my tongue tasting my blood,

so it might be a reminder of sin
only you can throw my face in my mud,

for my soul has been washed whiter than snow
by your holy gift I am named your child,

might your great words inspire me to grow
transform my thinking into the mild,

for the horror can be great in my mind
I have seen many disasterous things,

please release me from these chains that do bind
so I might relish in peace your love brings,

one small word one small prayer at a time
even if my poetry doesn't rhyme~
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