Alphabet Soup Garden Varieties

Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
I know you hear me my Lord

the secret thoughts ripping from my soul
like junk mail being torn into shreds
to be stinking in tomorrows garbage
discarded with the bad leftovers in my mind

I can feel you listening my Lord

wondering what sins of yesteryear I did commit
for this waste to be acid reflux regurgitated
burning me from the inside out from my mouth
into the world already so full of pollution

I know the holy spirit is a gift my Lord

yet I am filled with sadness over memories
sometimes consumed by such sorrows
slinging down my throat as I swallow
choking on my own putrid humanity

and I know one day my Lord

I shall be free from the bondage of my flesh
and the turmoil I feel on this earth
fighting between the good and evil within me
will all be forgotten in your kingdom

Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
might I dream a small dream for a while
school girl with a crush secret smile
in a place where only my heart could reach
sandy shores with perfect waves on a beach

might I surf them well like I did when young
when my legs could carry me far to run
my heart full of sunshine and happiness
before this life took its glorious mess

take me back to the once carefree kisses
without a thought of where and when misses
I could hold your hand forever it seems
once upon a time in favorite dreams

you are still here my knight once in armor
although my brown eyes still cry getting sore
in precious memories you do remain
your love on my soul is a cherished stain~

(you are always part of me my love and I will see you n heaven one day)
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