Are you on facebook or myspace?

What happens when a man online wants to be your friend. (Myspace)
I don't want to be rude.
I checked his profile and he's not the type of man I would befriend in person.
Do you just ignore it or tell him no.

I know this sounds really silly but I don't like hurting people's feelings.
I'm too sensitive. I tell him sure, if he wants to be friends with a Christian woman?

And you all thought I had good sense~:p

Am I just too naive?


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If I don't know them, I almost always say no. Too many perverts on myspace, and you are likely to end up reading some very questionable bulletins. A lot of people just like to "collect" friends, or are looking for romantic involvment. Rule of thumb, if you don't know them, or they haven't at least sent you a message to explain who they are, I'd say no.
Thanks, you're right.
This guy lives near my town I noticed.....
I owe no explanation to strangers, do I?
He didn't appear to be a Christian and I hope that I do!!!


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No explanation needed. he didn't give you one did he? If you deny him, and he actually knows you, he can send you a message. You have no reason to feel bad. I get 5-10 FAKE friend requests a week at least. Usually from people trying to sell something.


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All the more reason to deny. You'll likely get a LOT of requests like that. I'll add you as soon a I can get your page to load. It's giving me problems for some reason.
This is the stuff I am being bombarded with!
Do they see I am a Christian?

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Date:Jul 27, 2007 3:37 AM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]
Subject:Hi Violet .... Would like to know youBody:Hello Violet ... How you doing .... Would like to know you as a friend .... Clean humor friendly chat ... If interested msg back PLEASE ...
... or ..
you may add me on my yahoo or msn ID if u wanna connect online and chat with me sometimes ...

yahoo :

msn :

Have a nice day .... Take care...

Why would he like to know me? I don't see anything about Christ.....
Yeah I think he's just trolling. Unless I know the person from either real life or online OR they are a band or band promoter, I tend to not add them.

And I go through every once in a while (once a month or so) and delete those that I haven't kept in contact with.


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Creepy. Really. Married, in Kuwait, all female friends, some who post semi-Christian sentiments, others that post seduction? I feel dirty .... *goes and takes a shower*
Yeah it is creepy.

I almost went and smacked my son.
I got something nasty and it was in his name! But it wasn't him, just some creep with the same name!

Not that I thought my son would do that, even on accident, but my mouth fell open for a few seconds!