Beware Erroneous Gospel

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John says “and He Himself is the propitiation for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for those of the whole world.”
You quote this, yet after quoting it you dont seem to accept it.
Listen, you cant on one hand list the blood atonement as the final solution for sin once applied to a born again person, and then try to explain why you need to later confess sins as if the blood atonement is not in effect:)
There is no such thing as a sin that the Blood of Jesus has not already paid for....and this is why, there is no need to confess sins..... as they are already paid for, by the Cross.
So, this is why "confessing to be forgiven", after we are already forgiven..... is theology that omits the blood of Jesus and replaces it with "confession" as the means to be forgiven.
That does not work, regarding redemption.
Exactly brother .
That whole thinking turns Grace and The Blood into a license to sin. I mean hey already forgiven so oops my bad and you wanna do it again.
Sad thinking in this thread.
More then sad thinking in this thread is the fact of a real lack of paying attention to what is actually being written.
And regarding "sinning" after you are saved...
Grace is not a license, however, it is a fact that Romans 4:8 is in your bible, along with Hebrews 8:12.
These scriptures, studied out, can help someone who is trying to confess their way to heaven, instead of trusting in Christ alone to get them there as they should.
Its odd that the self righteous always want to deduct from Grace its actual merit.
They always want to add some works in there, instead of letting the Gift of Righteousness take care of them, as the should.
I just wanted to thank you for this explanation. It truly did bless me. I kept trying to figure out and was praying how to explain the difference and God sent you to explain it beautifully.

I also wanted to say how blessed I am with the way you are writing lately. Seems like the time away did you good as well :)

God bless you abundantly
Mods trying to help each other out of a theological jam session.
Have i seen this before.....
its the one unfortunate thing about a "christian site", is that mods always create a situation whereby if their theology is discovered to be a bit legalistic, they all have to huddle together like flies on fish to try to create the impression that by their all coming to rescue each other, they are proving to the viewers that they are theologically correct.
Too funny, while also kinda sad, is that christian sites are not really "open", they are instead controlled according to the denominational perspective of the mods.
And that is why a site like this is so slow and so inactive....its because there is no freedom here...its all mod dominated to the point that its ruined.

So, Just remember one thing, boys, before you delete this thread and ban me.....
You dont confess sins when God does not remember them, or charge them to you.

Romans 4:8
Hebrews 8:12

Somebody here, should read those one day.
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