Oh ok..can you name what ones are doing this? As far as I know, the church I belong to does not get involved with such politics.
Read post #5 above. I cut and pasted the list as presented by the United Church of Christ website, here:
The UCC is one of three denominations to consider resolutions which, in part, call for an end of financial support for Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The Episcopal Church and the Mennonite Church will also take up the issue this summer. In 2014, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and United Methodist Church divested from a handful of U.S. companies involved in the occupation, while various Quaker bodies have done the same.
what do you mean by financial support? As far as I know, when we give its to the needy. Maybe they dont need it anymore.

Charity does begin at home. I dont think israel will fall apart if nobody gave them any money. They have their own economy they not starving. Besides, many christians are struggling to survive in other countries and dont ask for money, the rely on The Lord to provide.

If you mean zionist might understand that israelis are not their govt. you dont money youve given to be used to fight wars etc. you give to the hungry and to clothe the naked. So..i would think thats why these churches are pulling out. Its way too political.