Craft or Hobby?

Working on Car/Motorcycle, playing Guitar :guitar: and singing, playing with kids, eating, dates with my wife, teaching/learning, hanging out with friends, meeting people. lots of stuff.
Craft AND hobby > technical, but no fee charged for any of my services:

(1) K-9 training as well as (2) personal defense training for women in 5 states.

(3) I also do maintenance on two complete FCC licensed two way radio systems that our Chaplain Responders rely on while responding into natural disaster areas to assist victims. Most times, no cellphone towers are left standing, so we bring our own radio systems with us for reliable communications in a 60 mile radius. (6 huge marine deep-cycle batteries keep us on the air for 8 days without a recharge). In addition to being a Pastor, I am licensed by the FCC as a General Class Commercial Radiotelephone engineer. Saves repair costs that way...LOL.;)
Hobbies: Music, Guitar, Gardening, Aquatics, Computing / Gaming, Modeling ie Plastic models of ships, cars, planes ect. Driving? and Cooking.

Craft: Non as of yet, But im very interested in The decoration of Cakes. And wanting to start sometime..
Oh, this is great.
It really helps us learn about one another.

B2LY, why don't you go to Chef school?

Sarah, email if you want to~
Collecting video game memorabilia, Playing Piano, Movies, Video Games, Composing Music, Drawing graphics, Programming C++/GML, Web Developing (html), Moderating Sega of America forums, Working on Projects, Listening to music, Family time, Praying, Story Writting, Character Development, Logo Designing, Sound Effect Engineering, Game Developing, Computer Building, Web hosting Company, Filling my brain with knowledge that may be unimportant at the time, Web Master.. etc


Maybe I forgot a few things :D
My favourites are reading and music- I love fooling around with my saltwater aquaium- a few fish and some live coral- you really have to nuture them - kind of like having kids!
My two main hobbies are reading and knitting. I average 3-5 books per week and about two dishcloths per month. :) (I obviously read WAY faster than I knit!)

As a family, we like to camp, ski and fish. We don't seem to get to do these things as often as we would like though.

I also love listening to music and discovering new sounds.
Beautiful Glenn - I am in LOVE with your sunflower pictures! I absolutely LOVE sunflowers and you have caught their true beauty!
Hello Violet :D
This is my first post!
love art, painting and drawing, playing piano, walking in the bush, art art and art!!!!! :p did I say art ....... lol....
  • Reading :bible: and praying,
  • listening to music,
  • drawing and painting,
  • photographing,
  • making nice postcards or pictures,
  • cooking something tasty and unusual,
  • gardening,
  • learning English :p and ...
  • communicating with you in this forum! ;)