Does God want me to be alone at this point in time?

Does God want me to be alone at this point in time?

i recently ended a relationship w/ someone as i knew the relationship was not going to help my relationship with God at all. I realize human relationships come in and out of people’s lives and I wanted to honor God in my relationships w/ other people, so as painful as it was, I had to break up with this person. I do not look down on this person, nor do I place the fault on him, however he is going to live his life one way and I need to live mine another. I recently met someone else who I thought would be a much better influence; however I’m already pretty sure this person doesn’t like me and is not interested in me at all. I just get the feeling. I’m just wondering does God want me 2 be alone? The whole reason I got involved with the 1st guy was because I was lonesome, I wanted a friend or at least someone to talk to. I literally have no friends in college, so I was so lonely. I’m so upset because I just wanted a friend, don’t really need a boyfriend, it would be nice, but it’s not the end all be all. I would be content with a good friend. I prayed about God sending me some real friends, I’m kind of hurt by all this, I’m trying to be strong and I feel guilty because I believe there is no love greater than God’s, but am I wrong to desire a relationship with someone, particularly a member of the opposing gender? Does that make my feelings sinful? I just wanted a good relationship in accordance w/ God’s word and I’m just sad and I also feel guilty.

Does it sound like vanity to you? Wanting a relationship w/ a man and feeling sadness when it doesn’t seem to be part of God’s plan? I’m just tired of being the third wheel. Sick of having to walk home at night by myself in the dark when everyone else has their significant others to walk with them…I never have anyone to hang out with, never and I’m saddened by all of this, I really am. Yet at the same time I feel terribly guilty, because I know God has a plan and in time if its in his will he’ll send me someone he has in mind, someone 4 marriage or whatever, if its not part of his plan, then its not meant to be. But at the same time I find myself asking God, “why can’t it be?” Does that sound like pride or vanity to you? it just seems like, this sounds stupid, its like men hate me 4 some reason and I don't think I’m that different than other women…I just don’t get it. Its like the nice guys don’t like me and I’m not going to cross any boundaries with a man just because he’s paying me some attention, I’d rather be alone, if it doesn’t line up with what God has ordered 4 me ,then I’d rather be alone. At the same time tho, it would be nice if I didn’t have to be alone.
Littleone sometimes we don't understand God's plan and no-one said that our walk with the Lord was going to be easy.
God puts us through trails and sometime he even said No to us. But if we hang in there and wait on the Lord them we will see that God did it for our own good. Because he Loves us and wants what is best for us . Hang in there you will see that God will open a new door and it will be better than you could even image.
Until them handed all your troubles over to God for there is nothing to big for him to deal with. For He knows your heart and your wants.

Heavenly Father
I thank you for little one coming here with her troubled heart. Father as I lift little one up to the God of the Most High I pray that you will give to her the desires of her heart. Father bring a good friend into her life some one she can laugh with and share her faith about you. Someone who is truth worth and will be a blessing for her in her walk with you. Place your hand on her heavy heart and make it light as you surround her in your protection and your perfect love.
keep her safe in the shadows of your wings. I thank you Father for what you are about to do in Jesus name amen