Explain Trinity

jesus says your and my savior God created man and women.in the opening of the bible there are 2 accounts of creation.is this a message to all.
not a trinity.God is the father,jesus is the son,the spirit in both but God and jesus not the same so a trinity is nonsense.

That is intresting...I have never heard anyone say these things before... I also think it is dangerous to call the trinity nonsense that would really stir up a lot of people... can you biblically support your ideas?

Also what do you mean the spirit in both?
God is a spirit..

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:14
And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

I highly doubt you could find scripture to back up what you say about the trinity being nonsense..

John 1:1 says that The word was God and then in John 1:14 it says the word (God) was made flesh(Jesus).... So Jesus is really God manifested in the flesh! SO for you to say God and Jesus are two different people is unbiblical from my stand point.:confused:

I dont see how you figure the trinity is nonsense....please expalin biblically.

i could back up 2 in 1 far more than 3 in 1 .its wrote all the way through.man wife 2 become 1.12 desciples.12 months of year,hen you actually read it you will understand.
God gives 10 commands jesus adds 1......11 =2...all through scripture is 12.trinity is a made up word not from scripture.
God gives 10 commands jesus adds 1......11 =2...all through scripture is 12.trinity is a made up word not from scripture.

I understand what you are alluding to, but remember that the original was in Hebrew. 11 would be written as the numbers "10" and "1", so that wouldn't quite equal 12 to either the author or the original readers. I'm not trying to dispute you, but I personally don't see any codes or number games in the Bible, especially in English.

The way I see it, the Father is God. Like, the top guy. In John 13, Jesus talks about the Father being in Him, and Him in the Father. So, I see Jesus as the human body that God came to us all in, to render Himself the perfect sacrifice.

Through Jesus's sacrifice, and resurrection, God opened a perfect oppurtunity to save His creation. By believing He made this sacrifice, His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, can dwell in us and teach us however He sees fit. It's all the same God, but it's just how He chooses to operate among us.

So, Father is the Guy on the throne in heaven, Jesus is the Son, the perfect sacrifice that defeated death, and the Holy Spirit is the Teacher, the Spirit that comes to all believers through the door that Jesus opened, that God planned.
yes maybe your right .i have had a lot of experience being brainwashed.i share for the good.please excuse my interlect,i live on a council estate.very grand.
i was being talked to by the spirit through people.lots of people like a running conversation.so i do know about spiritual things.2 spirits i had about 50 people without even knowing they were being used.and this is what humans dont understand.
why do you think jesus said if your not for us your actually against us.if your not with jesus you get used against him without knowing........im a quick learner.
probably the best explanation ive read,i believe father ,son ,holy spirit.just dont see why you have to label them.
I am brainwashed - I wash my brain with God's Word daily- the triune God is scripture and cannot be disproved by God's Word- SC- sometimes you say you believe God's Word but it seems you spend all your time trying to sow doubt about it's varasity- what are you trying to say ?