What frugal ways do you practice and adhere to in order to save money?

I hang clothes on the line to dry
Use left-overs
Never pay full price for anything!
That's me, I husband has bought me many appliances at full price.
Quality is important though and saves you money in the end.
There is a local farmers market/flea market that has a discount food place in it. They sell food that is still good, but is about to expire or has recently expired. I also started my own garden this year. I've saved alot of money by growing my own vegetables and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and i know that no chemicals are getting put on my vegetables, so i think its a bit healthier for me.
Frugal , you say Violet..... yup that's me and I have been known to even wash out zip lock bags and reuse them;);). Why not ?

And coupons.... I save coupons and go to places that give me points that I can retain for stuff. even go to a certain gas station because I get points towards my CAA membership. ( Canadian Automobile Association).

And now that I am a senior, well everywhere I ask " Is there a senior discount.? " And to my surprise and amazement it's a win , win situation.

I just hate throwing plastic containers away but have to now as have too many. I use the plastic grocery bags for garbage. I wash and reuse tin foil containers.

I would love to hang my clothes out side but cannot due to our condo rules. I used to love the smell of hung out clothes.
I am so glad to hear there are other frugal minded people out there!
Since I became ill, I have not been so frugal but I plan on getting better and becoming very frugal again!
(Dusty, I started Synthroid, yesterday)
My son works for a Christian owned bulk grocery store and I went there for the first time last night.
I bought freezer bags to separate so nothing goes to waste~
And I too wash out my bags, Dusty....
I didn't get my garden in this year and I am so disappointed.

This is a definite "YIKES" thread for me! Ya' had to go and ask the question, didn't ya'!:D;)

Well, I am the LEAST frugal or thrifty person you will ever meet and I hate it! It's just really hard for me to keep up with all that coupon stuff and usually, if I see something I want, if I can afford it, I get it regardless of the price. Trust me, I am not being puffed up or anything, I just don't know how to be frugal! My husband says I have other great qualities, which is sweet, but the truth is I would like to be more like you girls in this area. I have started sort of watching prices and comparing them in order to get the lowest one which is a great accomplishment for me, but I still have a long way to go! Like I said, yikes!!:eek::eek::eek:

Oh and I forgot that now I bought reusable grocery bags instead of using the plastic bags from the grocery store. That is the latest way , now for us to be frugal as well, cause all those bags don't end up in the land
Some stuff we are very frugal on and some stuff we splurge on. I almost always buy generic when I can (with the exception of toilet paper and spaghetti sauce...just the two things I've found it's worth the extra money on). We use store brand detergent and fabric softener. I watch for sales when buying things like school supplies and socks.

Major appliances we have gotten very lucky and been able to buy some gently used items that have been in great shape.

Now...books I buy like they are going out of style. I do buy a lot through Amazon Marketplace and through our local Goodwill though. We also buy quite a few DVDs because we rarely go to the theaters to watch something, instead we wait for it to come out on DVD. We figure even at $20 for the DVD versus $50 to take the 4 of us to a theater, we are money ahead.

I buy name brand shoes because I am on my feet 8 hours a day and I just have never had very good luck with cheap shoes. The kids get a mix of name brand clothes and Wal-Mart clothes.

Coupons I'm terrible about using.

Violet - we used to shop at Aldis all the time when we lived in a bigger town. The closest one now is over an hour away.
I used to LOVE Aldi but just like Shannon I now live to far away. I live in a small town now and try to shop at the local grocerie but It's getting out of hand. I'm going to have to figure out how to get to the city once a week to shop at the Meijer. I am EXTREEMLY cheap, not frugal. I never pay full price for anything. I am known in my family as the one to take to garage sales and flea markets with you cause I talk them down. But hey it's expencive to live these days.
It is TERRIBLY expensive to live! Every little thing costs so much money anymore!

Oooo garage sales - I LOVE garage sales!
Me too..... Love garage sales. But after a while you think..... Do I really need that or am I buying it cause it's dirt cheap?

Near my place there is always a community garage sale the last Sat. in May and every one puts out stuff so you can wander from street to street. That one is fun.
I don't shop at Aldi, but I do usually buy store brands for anything they have them for-unless it's really really bad.

I LOVE going to garage sales. My mom is an old pro,...I can send her out with a list of things I want/need and she usually is able to find everything.

My inlaws raise chickens, so we never have to buy eggs, and every year they get chickens for meat, and we all pitch in for the chicks and then help dress them. They also buy 1/2 a beef each year, and we go in on that,...chicken and meat is MUCH cheaper that way.
We have Aldi in Australia too - I personally have never shopped there and doubt I ever will, while I understand the need for people to save money, I try to support local producers and business owners buy shopping at my small local stores - in Australia, Aldi is owned by foreign companies and only stock foreign product.
I feel the same about wal-mart- they move into towns, cut prices until the competition folds and then they start going up- they are the major force in moving high tech and manufaturing jobs to China- ok I chased a rabbit- now back to the thread- my wife pinches pennies so hard Abraham Lincoln has been known to cry!:D
Ha Ha..... Brother Larry. That's a good one.


But no body has told me what Aldi is. Is it like Wal Mart. ????