My wife and I love Aldi's...

We started to do our shopping there about a year ago. It almost knocked the grocery bill in half.

Here is their website if anyone is looking for a location:
Yes, it did cut our bill in half!
A friend of mine from long ago knows someone who works for Aldi's and said that all the food is made by name brand companies. That is why the quality is so much better than most grocery stores' own brands~

We have Aldi's here in the UK, but never been to one!
Hey you guys, you think living is expensive in America?
You should try the UK for a while!
It is better now than ever before but still very expensive.
When we were in the U.S two years ago we bought so much we didnt think they would let us on the plane!
Petrol is £4 a gallon which is $8 almost.
A pair of Levi jeans are £60 about $120
Barbie dolls etc which you may pay $19.95 or similar they directly translate to pounds so we would pay £19.95 or almost $40.
Trainers or sneakers whatever you call them for Nike or Reebok they go up from £65 or $130 .
Mcdonalds regular meal is £3.69 or just over $7.
So be blessed that at least things that you have to have are cheaper there.
Even my rent is close on £100 a week.

Our American friends that recently moved here, are so shocked at the prices of everything!
As for frugal,
I hang out washing when dry enough, I buy in bulk, it is always cheaper, I use boot sales (same as your garage sales) for some things, and I ususally buy kids clothes etc in the half price sales!
Just letting off steam!
Hi Violet, they say the average is £24,000 which would be about $50,000 .
But in all truth most people are either side of this.
Our income is only about £16,000, but God is good and He always provides.
Wont be online for a few days from tomorrow as my firstborn son is getting married on Saturday and we will be away for the weekend!
I will post a pic if I can work out how to on here!
God bless.
Thanks Jax....I wasn't being nosey but curious~
Yes, God does always provide, doesn't he?
Congrats on your son's marriage!!! :):)