Gas Humor


That reminds me of a trip we took to Texas. We booked four seats requesting all together (four across) or at least two by two. We had two very young childran not in school yet.

The seats on the way home were two side by side one across the isle but by the window and one several rows ahead. I asked the man with the isle seat if he wouyld trade with my who was just a toddler and he refused (*@#!%, man)

I also asked if he would let us have the isle seat so my husband and I could trade off more easily - still he refused! )%#*@!#, man!)

So, I had my son sit on my lap....very uncomfortable after a while..... I made sure we leaned across the man in the ilse seat and talked over hiom and passed my son back and forth from our laps as often as possible!

That's not true....I tried to show as much curtesy as possible. But I thought he was a jerk. Why choose to sit where you know two people are cramed in one seat next to you and a child will occasionally be passed over you from one parent to another.

The man seemed to be traveling alone. He never spoke to anyone just looked annoyed when I had to talk to my husband to ask for something or trade the son off.

I think some people relish the idea of being in an uncomfortable situation. I'll bet he complained to everyone he could after returning home, ...when all that trouble could have been avoided by taking the empty seat my son was assigned.
I don't know Ginger but I guess it's possible he didn't like the feeling of being hemmed in and had asked for an aisle seat for that reason?

I've never been 0n a plane (but have been up once in a helicopter) but I know that if I was at a theatre, I'd want a seat close to an aisle and would feel distinctly uncomfortable stuck in the middle. Similarly, in the music sessions I go to, it always makes sense to be as close to the other players as you can so you can hear the the music without say it being broken up by a couple of "chatterers" (non-players) but if my options were to sort of be in the background or feel trapped by other people to be "in with" the music, I'd take the former.

And the at least bordering on phobia with me seems to be trapped by people rather than being trapped in something like a lift (or presumably in a plane).


I don't care...... I had a three year old who would have been sitting so far away from me that I couldn't see him if I stood up. I can't remember if my son's seat was isle or window, but I know the man didn't ask. If that was his problem, he could have asked, without saying why he was asking. But he simply said he would not move.