God ordained disciples

Dec 24, 2018
What are ways that God unexpectedly put someone in your path, in order for you to witness to them and bring them to Christ?

I heard of a story where a Lady was waiting in her car to pick up her child from school, when a complete stranger got into the passenger seat. The driver replied to her, "Hello, can I help you mis?" The lady being embarrassed after realizing that she got into the wrong car by mistake, apologized for the mistake.

Long story short, they conversed for a little while as they waited for the drivers daughter to get out of class, and she accepted Jesus that day.

Feel free to share any stories like this encouraging one!

In peace
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Feb 15, 2010
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Hello ConsiderHisAwe;

I was saved when I was 9 years old but didn't actually have a relationship with Jesus Christ. When as an adult I was a Men's Christian retreat and my buddy took me out in a canoe.

I think I shared this here before. So when we were out in the middle of the lake, my buddy knew my sinful background and asked me if I wanted to recommit my life to Jesus. I told him, no, I'm good.

But I did want him to row me back to shore so we could get bite to eat in the cafeteria. He said no, unless I recommitted my life and had to row back. I never rowed a canoe or any boat before and started to get nervous inside.

I agreed to recommit my life again to Jesus, but it took me longer to learn how to row. We laughed about it, but I chose to take a step of faith, ask Jesus to forgive me for my sins and the moment I took the row and started rowing, I felt the nervousness fade away and was actually rowing us back to shore.

I never rowed again, or bungy jump, zip line, roller coaster or sky diving, so if anyone here does, you may relate to my first experience, rowing in a lake. This experience prompted me to step up and start serving more in my renewed walk with Jesus.

Thank you for creating this thread, "God Ordained Disciples"

God bless you and your family.