Isnt heaven like your dream home. After all Jesus says in my Fathers house there are many mansions...
You are accepted just as you are you dont have to put on a mask or perform or do anything further to enjoy all the benefits of your dream home, everything is paid for by Jesus. Theres no debts/mortgage to worry about and you have a host of servants (angels) that keep the place running smoothly. What will you do in your dream home?

I think I will be gardening and decorating it. Like the very wealthy that have a life of leisure, their lifestyle tends to consist of parties and balls, luncheons and sports of all different kinds since they dont have to work to earn a crust or pay the bills. I once knew a lady who lived in a mansion and she and her husband operated it as a boutique bnb where people stayed for weddings and honeymoons. But she herself spent her time teaching Bible to children since she didnt have to go to work to earn a living. To me that was like living in the Kingdom of Heaven although she said the maintenance of the mansion was a huge expense, if they could not afford to have a cleaner and other people come in help, they would not have been able to run it.

In a retirement village the oldies have licence to occupy leases until they decide to move out or reach the end of their life. But all the maintenance is taken care of, the support staff include cooks, hairdressers, mail delivery, cleaners, handymen, gardeners, rubbish collectors, nursing support, accounting, laundry, security, and all these sundry jobs that still need to be done but now by someone else since these people are retired.

I wondered what the retired people now did but it seems many visit with their grandchildren, take up knitting, bowls, or sit around and gossip about the rugby. Some end up being real busybodies or just while away their time watching tv. Others are artists and pursue hobbies. One even makes coffins! But I know several who just go on cruises or overseas trips every month or so and spend all their earnings theyve saved up over the years. They might have never had a chance to do that while working so now the go all out and see the world. Is Heaven like a retirement lifestyle?
Nov 21, 2016
Scripture talks about some being in charge of cities and some in charge of a city.

So if some are in charge over cities then it's obvious we will have jobs and things to do.
My idea of heaven is NOT having jobs to do lol. I know it sounds mean and selfish, BUT give me any job to do that doesn't involve me cleaning up and looking after people other than me. I've spent my life looking after and cleaning up after other people. My heavenly job would be hiking and observing the beauties of nature, and photographing it! And then coming home to a clean house...with a casserole cooking in the oven(y)
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My heavenly job would be picking flowers, with no thorns of course. Actually I would look forward to doing some cooking since I dont really get to do much here as I dont have my own kitchen...in heaven I will have my own kitchen and get to bake bread and the angels can clean up after me.
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Nov 21, 2016
My heavenly job would be picking flowers, with no thorns of course. Actually I would look forward to doing some cooking since I dont really get to do much here as I dont have my own kitchen...in heaven I will have my own kitchen and get to bake bread and the angels can clean up after me.
And I would love to pop round to your house for dinner XXX
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Id love to see the sparkling clear crystal river coming from the throne of God, surely Somewhere in paradise there must be a beautiful waterfall and rainbows all the time..everywhere you look will be picture perfect.
I cant imagine there will be noisy cars, maybe our mode of transport will be by walking, eagles wings, or....kayak...?
I had some thoughts about some of the saints I know and their citizenship in Heaven.

One died and her testimony of being saved by Jesus meant in eternity no more harm can ever befall her. She wont be judged solely on her looks her heart will be open to all that can see. Heaven for her will be friends all around and no danger at all. She will have brothers (she never had them on earth) who treat her as a beloved sister.
Another died when he was killed for making the world a better place. Heaven for him will be a place that is neat and tidy, and where all his questions will be answered for he had an inquring mind. I can see him at heaven's vast library, learning all mysterious things he never got to learn on earth.
There was one saint, a widow who dearly missed his wife on earth, well he will be reunited with her in heaven. And there will be so much bounty of fruits to taste for him (he was an avid gardener)
Another, heaven will be a humbler abode, as she actually lived in a luxurious mansion on earth but yearned to live a simpler life. She will also be out there exploring the wonders of it not just staying in one place chained to a house.
The one elder I knew who recently passed, what could heaven be for him? I can imagine him sailing on a boat, with Jesus.

Heaven is where all your dreams will come true. The barren on earth will have many children and the harried mothers will have peace and quiet and rest! Jesus gave us a glimpse of this when he talked about Lazarus, who was so poor on earth he had crumbs from a rich mans table, now carried by angels to abrahams bosom. What is abrahams bosom?
I can imagine lazarus having a feast with Abraham...remember abraham was always hospitable and welcoming and even fed angels that came to visit him.
Apr 20, 2015
What scripture describes for us and what I can imagine are pretty impressive and I look forward to it, but all I am really concerned about is being with my Savior face to face and being bodily in His presence.
That is all that I want.
That will be heaven.
Nov 18, 2011

Seriously, with a bit of good nature humor in it, but really with positive anticipation as a bible student: we got to meet St. Paul himself :)
if given the privilege, well I think we got eternity to seek appointment :)

Bible students, Christian theologians can discuss, with St. Paul, good naturedly how we arrive at different conclusions reading his letters (but of course: we are all single-minded, agree in the core, the spirit of the matter, the core message of his letters) :)
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Yes aha nobody will ever be confused because we will all completely understand each other in all our different languages. It will be communication mind to mind, and we will all agree what scripture means because we will either all speak in tongues or we will all have one language in common. Possibly Hebrew!